The KEY was Franklin, who was electric, like lightning.

The Bruins are now going for FOUR in a Row;  It would be beautiful, but not as stunning as this foursome.

Huskies are rotten to the Corp, as Pete & Co. are exposed by his ex-assistants in Huskies’ 16-13 hostile takeover, and UCLA moves to 3-0 by investing in Franklin

It happens every year like clockwork, but it’s still shocking every time it happens:  USC has lost a game where they were huge favorites, to an unranked Pac-10 team.  The run includes UCLA’s famous 13-9 miracle, Stanford’s win, aka “The Biggest Upset Ever,” and Oregon State’s recent triumph over a supremely overconfident troy.  Pete Carroll is going to become famous for not being able to keep his team focused for a full season, always falling short of their pre-season goals.  That being said, ONE loss does NOT necessarily lock sc out of the Title picture.  Florida may be the only undefeated team, allowing sc to meet them for the crown.  It will take one more loss for their hopes to be COMPLETELY dashed… Is Corp playing in their next game?

 With Freshman starter Matt Barkley injured, Aaron Corp started at QB for sc.  And at the start of the game, sc shredded Washington like they weren’t even there. They immediately took a 10-0 lead, but then everything changed.  The trojans continued to gain yards, especially on the ground, but three times they ended drives with Turnovers.  They went 0-10 on 3rd Downs, and Corp’s Passing Total was the lowest since Carroll arrived in South Central.

Corp tried too often to squeeze the ball into double coverage, and he was not good enough to pull it off.  Barkley warmed up, but never got on the field.  Neither did Mitch Mustain.  Maybe, if Barkley doesn’t recuperate quickly, Joe McKnight can just operate out of the Wildcat formation.

It seemed CERTAIN that Carroll wouldn’t allow his team to lose to his old Assistants, but those guys’ knowledge of Carroll’s tendencies, and of the abilities of all the troy personnel, was enough to overcome any rah-rah speeches that Pom Pom probably gave.

The Huskies tied the game at 10, then went up 13-10, but sc tied it up.  Then Washington drove down the field and got a huge completion into Field Goal range with less than a minute to go.  They made the kick with 7 seconds to go, to win the game 16-13.  Huskies fans flooded the field in celebration, as Carroll and his merry band of underachievers slinked off into obscurity.

And speaking of obscurity, the Bruins are trying to escape it, by WINNING some Football games.  On Saturday night, the Bruins struggled, but finally put away Kansas State, 23-9.  Even though KSU was coming off a loss to lowly Louisiana-Lafayette, they still gave UCLA all they could handle.  It was still a one-possession game late in the game, when a blown coverage allowed a wide-open Terrence Austin to score on a 51-yard TD pass.

UCLA’s Defense was the difference, in a game that was marred by penalties and mistakes.  The D struggled on an early drive as the Wildcat formation had them admittedly confused on where the ball was going, but overall they kept the big plays to a minimum, and kept the Bruins in the lead.  Even fill-in Cornerback Sheldon Price didn’t get victimized tragically, as he kept most plays in front of him.  Reggie Carter, David Carter, Damien Holmes, and especially Kyle Bosworth made the Kansas State offensive players feel the pain of physical play, and Alterraun Verner showed what happens when you don’t throw away from him, with TWO Interceptions.  Surprisingly, Rahim Moore, who has 5 INT’s this year, dropped what could have been two more.  Maybe he’s getting a little cocky about Picks?  Leading the Nation in anything can do that to a guy.

Now… if you are a Kevin Craft fan, you may not want to read any more.  The popular opinion is going to be that Craft managed a good game, and redeemed himself from last year’s debacle of a season.  The feeling in Bruintown is to be nice to the courageous young man, and give him a break,  Well, he won the game, but… where was Richard Brehaut?  Why couldn’t they split time?  Craft certainly wasn’t burning it up.  In fact, during the 3rd Quarter, the offense was stagnant.  But Neuheisel stuck with Craft, and thanks to a controlling Offensive Line a strong Running game, and one blown assignment, Craft was able to helm the victory.  Jonathan Franklin exploited the holes provided, to actually break the Century Mark — a very rare feat for Bruins lately.

Craft utilized Tight Ends mostly, but later found his Wide Outs.  Nelson Rosario made a one-handed catch that will be a Highlight of the Year candidate , and Austin got free for the 51-yard clincher, on which he was so open, even Aaron Corp would have hit him in stride.  Not to be mean to Craft, but he barely survived against a very bad team, and for a stretch he was his old self again.  He threw one INT, and he heaved three others that a good team would have snagged.  It was mind-boggling that Brehaut was not given a chance.  One wonders how bad he must have been in practice to deserve this kind of confidence-killer.  Hopefully, Kevin Prince and his jaw will be back soon, but at Palo Alto, it will take a better performance at QB — and less stupid penalties — to beat the improved Cardinal.

And speaking of improved… the more I experience the new Spirit Squad members, the better I like them.  Saturday saw the Squad get to do a two-song routine at Halftime — The Beach Boys and Hendrix — that was worth staying in your seat for.  It was awesome, and proved who’s still #1 in the nation.  And guess what?   Up close and personal, they are just beyond compare.  And on a personal note, something happened right before the Walk-in — a little request — that truly made my day.  Thanks — I hope you all like it half as much I liked being asked.

 Simply flawless.

Some people DESERVE an undefeated team to cheer for.

When the roar of the tailgating crowd erupted as sc lost, it put smiles on a lot of faces.

…but they don’t have to smile to be luscious.

It doesn’t have to be old to be classic.

Is this why the Tennessee President said they lost to a finer Institution?

Even the Mascot is lookin’ better this year.

KSU brought three (count ‘em, THREE) Cheerleaders.  Very nice, and cute, but another reminder that once you come to UCLA, you’re glad you’re not in Kansas any more.

…in fact, here are 45 reasons.

Okay, she gets a pass on the “Wear Blue” mandate.  And the shorts are blue, anyway.

Some fans donned helmets, anticipating an errant pass going into the crowd.

Thank you ladies, you all look totally SWEET… even you, reluctant one (you know who you are!).

Maybe I wouldn’t mind all the penalties, if these were the Refs.

This Purple fan needed a little more Purple Kush, or some other way to mellow the hell out.  Instead, he was forcibly removed from the Rose Bowl. During the incident, a Cop punched another guy in the chest knocking him back.  It was the only hard hit of the night not made by Kyle Bosworth.

WTF is wrong with these people?  Easley was #5, NOT #25.  C’mon UCLA, that’s a trojan-like choke, and it’s been like this for two years.

Look at that hole — Franklin could make a Mint with running room like that.

Talk about “flying to the ballcarrier,” Kyle Bosworth is becoming a FORCE:  Air Force One.  And opposing QB’s will have to ask:  “Kyle 54, where are you?”

Rahim Moore played well, but probably blew a couple of chances to be on record pace for INT’s.

Craft had a LOT more time in the pocket than he did last year.  Against a better team, that might not be the case.

If the Play Action can get Receivers as open as Austin was on this 51-yard TD pass, Kevin Craft could put up good numbers (but so could Kevin Spacey, Kevin Prince and Kevin Bacon).  



  1. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    I think you are being a little hard on Craft. For a back-up quarterback, he was fair. No, he did not “redeem” himself for last year. He could have had 3 interceptions, and continues to stare down receivers, but he did complete over 50% of his passes, and did make some nice throws. UCLA would have scored in the 30s if it wasn’t for repeated penalties that they will not be able to overcome against most Pac-10 teams. Those are not Craft’s fault. Neuheisal/Chow have to take some of the blame for those.

    I would guess Neuheisal was hoping for a sizable lead so that he could bring in the inexperienced Brehaut with some room for error, but that did not happen. Also, despite the stagnant offense in the 3rd quarter, Craft did not make a big mistake to get himself yanked.

    The next two weeks of practice should determine who starts against Stanford, if Prince is unavailable. I’m guessing Craft didn’t perform any worse than the coaching staff thought he would before the KSU game. In fact, if the coaching staff listened to some hyperbole-spewing Bruin fans, they were probably surprised every pass he threw wasn’t intercepted!

    Somewhere, maybe Mark Sanchez is smiling.

  2. Robert Avatar

    first, thanks for the wonderful website! You say what I feel!

    Now, during this game their was a woman with whitepants walking on the UCLA sideline. I tried taking a few pics, but couldn’t get any good ones. She was wearing a UCLA jersey with the number 1 sparkling with gold, i thought it was a dream. Maybe you can reach out to your contacts, and see if anyone has any pics please. She looked good walking towards me, but she looked amazing walking away from me. I hope you can help.


    [T-H’s Note: Sorry, no luck on the panty girl.]

  3. Rick Avatar

    I think you’re right about Craft.
    The (100% improved) offensive line provided the protection, and the running game, he needed to appear to be much better than he was last year, but
    (1) by all rights he should have been responsible for THREE interceptions (the other two of which could easily have cost us the game), and
    (2) If he continues to stare down his receivers and telegraph his passes, Pac 10 opponents will pick him to death!
    Why can’t Norm Chow in all his brilliance teach his quarterbacks how to look off their receivers? Craft, for one, looks like he thinks he has only one receiver on the field every time he drops back! If this, as well as the unnervingly untimely penalties, is not remedied, I fear this otherwise promising 3-0 start could quickly disintegrate into another frustratingly underachieving year.

  4. JP Avatar

    Hey T-H. Anymore pics of Nicolette (the new blonde)? She’s beautiful.

  5. The tide is turning Avatar
    The tide is turning

    Rick – What do you consider to be an underachieving year? I think they will go 8-5, but I would only call a sub-.500 year underachieving, given their 4-8 record of only a year ago. This assuming no further injuries to Prince.

    Also, I think the OL has improved greatly, but only to average. A good performance against KSU should be taken for what it is worth.

  6. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    BTW, I am also “The tide is turning”.

  7. Rick Avatar

    Tide–To paraphrase the Supreme Court, underachieving is a lot like obscenity–I can’t necessarily define it numericallly, but I know it when I see it.
    I do think that the Bruins have a lot more talent on both sides of the ball than people give them credit for–when’s the last time you saw a college player make a catch like Nelson Rosario’s?–and the best offensive coordinator in college football, so my expectations are rather high…And I will say that 5-5 from here on out would be terribly disappointing.

    Also, I may be in the minority here, but I think KSU might be a bit better than people think–while they are probably undermanned on defense, theyve managed to give up relatively few points this year; and on the other side of the ball, Thomas(RB #8) looked to be a superior talent, and I was very impressed with the offensive scheme Bill Snyder devised to keep a very tough defense off balance all night. Comparing them to last year’s KSU team is like comparing Washington’s team to last year’s. Don’t know why the media doesn’t get it…