USC = University of Subterfuge and Cloaking?

The NCAA’s investigation of usc’s b.s. continues to stall, thanks to Bush’s payoffs and trojan stonewalling

Okay, so does everyone understand?  Go ahead and break every rule you can, and when you get caught (cardinal-)red-handed, just deny everything and buy off harmful witnesses.  THAT, is the usc credo.

The NCAA seems to be at an impasse.  While the entire College Sports universe awaits word on whether usc’s rampant and blatant cheating is going to be punished, the NCAA seems to be hoping that this will all go away.  They are hoping that Reggie Bush will continue to pay off witnesses against him, and that usc will continue to refuse to cooperate with the investigation.  Then maybe, the NCAA won’t even have to make a decision, as to whether or not their trojan cash cow gets a comeuppance.

While Alabama and other schools have recently been busted for crimes much less heinous than what sc has already been exposed doing, troy continues to skate, as Pom Pom Pete whistles a happy tune.  The question is, how can the NCAA be so blind, and continue to ignore what the whole Country already knows.  Maybe Bush is paying THEM off directly, just to keep his name from being further tarnished?  Just so he can keep his undeserved Heisman?

 And what happened to the IRS and FBI?  Did they suddenly decide that the fake charity that OJ Mayo is using as a source of financial credit is actually legitimate?  Do we really need ANOTHER reason to despise the IRS?  And do you think Efrem Zimbalist jr approves of the FBI being unable to close an open-and-shut case?  Even J. Edgar Hoover would be ashamed.

And speaking of provocative women’s clothing, here is another spread of the THC Mascot, in swimwear (as promised).  All I can say is, Thank God for Little Girls.

Magenta Alert!  Magenta Alert!

Compared to usc, the Bruins have NOTHING TO HIDE.

Adult Swim, anyone?

Raging Waters (raging hormones?).

Hope you all give her a thumbs up, too.


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  1. Breann Garcia Avatar
    Breann Garcia

    WOW!! 8) She is the CUTEST thing ever, and my goodness she is so sexy too;) i LOVE it!

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Rock On Miss Trojan-Hater! Phk sc!

  3. JosephineBruin Avatar

    nice moves!