Nice tackle (by that O-Lineman).

Usc-backers lose big money, as flat trojans fail to cover spread in 28-7 victory over the out-manned Bruins.

At least THIS year, the one moment of Bruin Cheering was early in the game, when the Bruins still had a chance.

In fact, usc fumbled the ball on their first play ftom scrimmage, leading to a Gadget Play score, and a 7-0 Bruin lead.  But the trojans soon restored order, scoring the game’s next (and final) 28 points.  The trojans never looked good to cover the 33-point spread, at any point during the game,  but the Bruins never looked like they could close the gap.  Their Offense – after the trick play, went pretty conservative, and sc was dominating the line of scrimmage, so the Running Game was not working.  And with sc controlling the trenches, Kevin Craft didn’t have time to get comfortable, and therefore threw a lot of bad passes.  There is plenty of blame to be attributed, to Coaches and Players, but basically, UCLA just got “out-talented,” as Marc Sanchez was able to find open Receivers whenever he needed to. 

Here are a couple of more photos, just as a tease to what is coming tomorrow…

Breaking the Color Barrier.

Yes it was a loss, but it went a LOT better than expected.

For many, many more photos like the ones above, come back on Sunday night or Monday.


3 responses to “THE GREAT DEPRESSION”

  1. :) Avatar

    Looking at that third photo there are going to be a lot of people waiting for that update. Thanks. Sorry for the game outcome though.

  2. JosephineBruins Avatar


    get’ em next year AND ALL THE YEARS!!! GO BRUINS!

  3. Michael Walsh Avatar
    Michael Walsh

    What a pretty picture of Katie! By FAR the most beautiful girl on the UCLA cheer squad (IMHO). Well, perhaps except for Chantel (little inside joke for Katie there!).