This trojan cheerleader controversy is really coming to a head.

Paulie & the Powe-boys lay down 31 dimes to take Credence from the Lakers’ Record Revival, and take a 2-0 choke-hold on Finals

Too LA-git to quit.

Sure, the Lakers lost Game 2 in Boston 108-102 to fall behind 0-2 in the Series… but it is the Lakers who carry momentum back to Los Angeles for Games 3, 4, and 5.  Because with 7:40 left in Game 2 on Sunday night, the Lakers trailed by a whopping 24 points.  But then they caught fire, and went on a 31-9 spurt, cutting the lead to just 2 points in the final minute.  The Lakers got that close because they hit an NBA Playoff Record-tying SEVEN three-pointers in the 4th Quarter.

But the comeback missed it by that much.  When it was only two, Paul Pierce made two free throws to put the Celtics up by four.  Then, in the most crucial possession of the game, Kobe got open just a second too late for Sasha Vujajcic, so Sasha launched a three-pointer, and Pierce deflected it to finally put an end to the Lakers’ furious, Never-Say-Die comeback attempt.

But the fact that the Lakers didn’t give up when they were seemingly out of it speaks volumes about the HEART of this Basketball team.  Even though Boston got 31 assists and the Lakers lost, this comeback will be referred to for years, to remind future squads what is possible.  For the next few years, the Lakers will have no excuse for thinking that a 20-point 4th Quarter lead is insurmountable.  Conversely, the memory of this comeback and near-collapse will help protect the Lakers from getting complacent, just in case THEY get a big lead during the games at Staples Center.

In order to win the Title, the Lakers will have to return to Boston to win at least one game there, and NOW, they know that they can outplay the Celtics, IN Boston, for long stretches of time.

On the Bruin front, the news was better:  Jordan Farmar got his minutes back and more, and he didn’t play timid.  He hit three bold three-pointers, and ran the offense effectively during the 4th Quarter, even as the Lakers were converting from the Triangle Offense to a more Kobe-centric design (which allowed Kobe to score 30 points).  Jordan did however, look pretty bad, on two penetrating drives to the hoop where he was a little out of control, relying on fouls to be called, but KIDS don’t get calls like that in the NBA Finals.  Also, his team doesn’t completely trust him, as Kobe and others refused to pass him the ball, even though he was wide open.  But that was before he hit three Three’s.  Maybe next game, they’ll show him more love.

Like his Offense, Farmar’s Defense was also improved.  His one-on-one Defense was tighter (he even got a Block), and he was more energetic, but the HELP Defense was repeatedly late coming over to cut off the penetration that Farmar was funnelling to a certain side.  The lack of rotation sometimes makes Farmar look like a Defensive liability, but if he is physically overmatched, the overall Defensive scheme is supposed to compensate, so it’s not completely his fault.

As Phil Jackson continued to look for the perfect Defensive combination, he actually tried Trevor Ariza.  So, for several minutes, the Lakers had TWO Bruins on the court in the NBA Finals at the same time.  VERY COOL!  But Ariza looked a little rusty, missing a shot, and getting beat on Defense a few times in just a few minutes.  Hopefully, Phil didn’t think it was that bad, that he won’t try it again in this Series, so that Trevor can show what he really can bring to the table.

And finally, we are not going to harp on the Officials, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t report when Phil does.  Jackson said that it was “Ridiculous” that Leon Powe had more Free Throw attempts (13) than the entire Laker Team (10).  Of course, that could be Phil chiding his own players for not being as aggressive as their opponents, but it was probably a shot at the Refs, who sent the Celts to the Stripe 38 times in all.

Powe actually EARNED his charity, by being the hardest-working guy in the building.  He scored 21 Points in just 15 minutes, including three highlight-reel finishes.  He was named Game MVP, even though Paul Pierce carried the team early, ended with 28 Points,  and got the game-saving Block.  But the ex-Cal Bear Powe DESERVED the honor, because no one EXPECTED that kind of production from the Boston Subs, who should be called Po-boys from now on.

The Lakers will have to get more physical, and cut down on all the sloppy Turnovers that they committed (more in the first 15 minutes than in the entire Game 1), but if they can do that, they should be able to capitalize on Home Court Advantage in L.A., and send the Series back to Beantown.


Over on Scott Wolf’s unmoderated nightmare of an sc blog, there has been a raging controversy ongoing, about the quality – or lack thereof – of the recent and current sc song girls.  There has also been some discussion about the trojan dance force, and those girls’ “mix” of talent and beauty.  The response has been off the charts, surpassing all other topics, including USC Football, Bushgate, and Sicklegate.

But we have a feeling that many of these idiots are talking out of their asses, not having really SEEN up close the faces and figures of the girls whom they’re attacking.  So, in an effort to give the trojans something to go on, here are a dozen more photos.  The first 5 are of the dance force, and the last 7 are the song girls, including the ones in the pool.  These photos have never been published before, meaning that they didn’t “make the cut” for the original articles.  In other words, they are NOT the most flattering photos that there were.  However, we feel that they are not UN-flattering at all, and will probably STILL silence a lot of the critics (especially if they understand that there were about 50 or so MORE-flattering photos already posted). I can’t FORCE the trojans to like the trojan dance force…

 …but I bet this photospread gets them more FANS.

Could all the complaints be coming from sc’s resident Aryan Nation Klub?

Just a reminder:  I’m NOT going to allow any insulting comments about these photos (it was a charity event)

Two, two, two… That’s right, it’s ONLY TWO games to zero; Plenty of time for the Lakers to come back.

And now, the song girls.  How many complainers will secretly save this photo to their hard drive?

I’m glad they have better things to do than read un-moderated garbage.

Some people are acting like the woman in the deep background is on the squad.

Get the picture?  The complainers are all wet.

THREE!  As in Game Three, and taking three straight from Boston.  The Lakers are still very much afloat.

Watch as these girls now float UP those year-by-year rankings.

Here’s to these girls’ comeback, in the arena of public opinion.



7 responses to “POWE SMOKERS”

  1. Marcus C.V. Avatar
    Marcus C.V.

    Seems like the Laker fans who went to Staples Center to watch game 2 on Sunday took the Lakers-Celtics rivalry to another level (well, not really):


    Nice work on the TDF pics, even though none of them can hold a candle to our UCLA Dance Team. It’s a sad day when a website titled “beatsc.com” has to defend $c students from the mighty internet keyboard warriors from figgy tech.

  2. JC Avatar

    The Song Girls in the tenth and eleventh pictures down (below your article) are Stephanie and Allison; and they are sisters. I think both are hot, and Scott Wolf and Co. need their vision checked. Again, sad that BeatSc.com has to rescue USC’s own spirit squad from Trojan idiocy.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Thank you for these pictures, other than that really cute girl on the far right on the first picture – below your article – it makes me appreciate and be thankful for having the most beautiful talent in college, cheerleading for our Bruins. Thank God for KATIE :), Elise, Brianna, and so on . . . UCLA Dance Team has litterally no competition, it’s almost unfair!! as the biggest Bruin fan, I even feel guilty . . . not!!


  4. JP Avatar

    Can’t wait to see our Dance Team this year! They’re just the best. Seeing girls from other squads does nothing but reaffirm this.

  5. LA Celtic FAN Avatar
    LA Celtic FAN

    I’m sorry guys, but the UCLA girls smoke the south central girls. I can’t believe that there is such a disparity in the quality of women right now! Oh well….I guess I shouldn’t be surprised….UCLA smokes sc in pretty much everything…….GO BRUINS!!!! Oh yeah….almost forgot……GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JosephineBruin Avatar

    2 LA-git to quit babay! LAKERS WON AND THEY’LL WIN THE NEXT 3!

    farmar to ariza dunk was coooooool

  7. rudy  guerrero Avatar
    rudy guerrero

    your girls are all hot