Show me the Moya!

Rain or shine, some Bruins always shine.

Bruins get the Kinks out, as they Club the Cougars 28-3, with Moya and Bell scoring 2 TD’s each, and the Defense returning to form

Sure, Washington State is a weak team this year, but a win is a win, and the Bruins appreciate every one they get this season.  And when they win by 25 points in a Conference game, it’s worth celebrating, just a little.

Heavily-favored UCLA actually covered their 17-point spread with the 28-3 victory, even though they started slowly and didn’t score until the 2nd quarter.  But in the 2nd, QB Kevin Craft settled down, and led the Bruins on 2 TD drives.  The rejuvenated Bruin Defense was led by Alterraun Verner, who got an Interception, and Korey Bosworth, who was in on play after play after play.  The suddenly-tenacious Bruin D held the Cougars to 2-for-14 on 3rd Downs.

In contrast, the Bruins were 9-for-18, with Craft hooking up repreatedly with Taylor Embree and Terrence Austin, mostly on short slants.  And it was Tight End Ryan Moya who cashed in, with two big plays resulting in TD’s.

Kahlil Bell was effective in short bursts, scoring twice, each time from the one-yard line.  He also dropped a pass on what would have been a huge gain and maybe a TD, on a Reggie Bush-type pattern .  Bell’s back-up, Derrick Coleman, actually outgained Bell 49-43, thanks to an amazing 31-yard scamper where he broke out of an ankle-tackle, reversed field, and got around the corner.

Speaking of which, just around the corner are 13 more photos from Saturday, mostly of the UCLA Cheerleaders posing before the game.

Don’t tell Craft “There is no ‘to Moya.’”

“To Moya” Never Dies

This is one Cougar who didn’t like getting sacked.

Join Cougar Melon Camp.

Washington State:  Northern Exposure, without the Moose.

Look out — We’re in Bruin Country now.

You should be very glad that it barely rained at all on Saturday.

A sincere “Thank You” goes out, to TWO VERY NICE PEOPLE (They know who they are!).

One thing’s for sure:  These sweet, down-to-earth girls were raised right.

Incoming Love letter, in three, two, one…

Speaking of Love letters…

There IT is — Right before your eyes.

For once, the Bruins didn’t need their Kicking Game to win the game.



  1. jp Avatar

    Thanks for these photos, T-H.

    Our girls are just beautiful in a much classier way.

  2. Jake Avatar

    I do have to say I was at the game at the WSU cheerleaders were HOT

  3. Rick Avatar

    “VicTORious…VicTORious…victorious, victorious!”

    Thanks, Bruins, and T-H (and Las Vegas!) for beginning, and continuing, to “Give the…people…what they want!”

  4. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    We all know the Bruin Cheerleaders are the best, but I must say I was very impressed with how HOT the cheerleaders from WSU were. The WSU coordinator must be given proper recoginition for sending the best WSU has to offer, unlike the other schools that send everyone (ughh!) to the Rose Bowl – thank you WSU coordinator 😉 good job!

  5. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Tenacious D – great catches by moya!