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Kai puts the Kybosh on Kal.

From Kai to Da Kine.

Best Leg(s) in the Nation:  Kai Forbath wins Lou Groza Award and joins Brian Price and Rahim Moore on Walter Camp All-American team, giving UCLA three times more honorees than usc

UCLA 3, usc 1.

That’s the tally for Bruins over trojans on the just-released Walter Camp All-American team.  The Bruins on the prestigious list are Placekicker Kai Forbath, on the 1st Team, and  Defensive Tackle Brian Price and Safety Rahim Moore on the 2nd Team.  The solitary trojan to make it was Taylor “The Headhunter” Mays, Washington politicians’ Poster Boy for spearing and other illegal, dirty hits that cause concussions and brain damage.

Who would have thought when the season started that the Bruins would have 300% more All-Americans than Fig Tech by season’s end?

And what’s even better is that all three of the honored Bruins COULD return for another year.  While Price is EXPECTED to go Pro about 12 seconds after the EagleBank Bowl is over, he has said in the past that staying at UCLA for 4 years definitely has a certain appeal to him;  Forbath, who doesn’t have to worry as much about sustaining a career-ending injury as a Senior, will probably test the waters, but could come back to (probably) set all sorts of UCLA and National Kicking records;  Rahim Moore is expected to be back, period, and could also set a UCLA record (for Interceptions).  For troy, Taylor Mays is gone — right after the Emerald Bowl — probably a year TOO LATE, if you ask HIM.

In addition to the Walter Camp honor, Forbath also received the “Kicker’s Heisman,” aka, the Lou Groza Award.  But unlike Reggie Bush, Forbath isn’t ever going to be asked to relinquish his trophy.  Forbath earned the title of Best Kicker in the Country by being nothing less than PERFECT from inside 50 yards, for the entire season.

Another reason for the three Bruin stars to return:  They will get to play with the Best High School Player in the Country next year.   Incoming recruit Malcolm Jones was just named the Gatorade National Player of the Year.  Jones plays Running Back and Linebacker, but is expected to carry the ball for the Bruin Offense next season.  

If you’re a Powerade drinker, you might say: “It’s just one award, from one company, who could have all sorts of ‘politics’  involved with their selection.”  You might also spew out:  “UCLA’s last Gatorade winner was Jrue Holiday.”  Well, Gatorade knows what they’re doing.  Whether he exhibited it at UCLA as a #2 Guard or not, Holiday had the talent that allowed him to successfully make the one-and-done transition to the NBA.  They also nailed it with Kevin Love the year before, and this year, they canceled their “Tiger” variety of Sports Drink, BEFORE Woods’ costly accident.  “Costly?”  Talk about understatements!  Several of the companies that Tiger endorses have pulled his commercials off the air, and as far as the public’s respect for him, National Polls show that “it’s in the hole.”  WOMEN, especially, are disgusted by his behavior, and are extremely unlikely to purchase a product based on his association with it.  And then, there’s alimony, child support, and 50% of his net worth???  Is it in you?

And speaking of thirst-quenchers, here are a lucky 7 more photos that all have something to do with the best legs in America.

  Here’s Kai, scoring points (as always), this time, with young Bruin fans.  Hey Kai:  “ONE MORE YEAR!!!!”

Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful girl.

See the bored kid?  At that age, I would have had my eyes glued to the show.  Don’t worry Dad — There’s no shame in having a late-blooming Son… or a Gay one.

I had to squeeze in one kick shot, into an article that’s a tribute to the Kicker.

Congrats to sc’s Stafon Johnson — He’s going Pro, and bailing on sc, who failed to prevent his near-fatal weightlifting accident.  It’s AWESOME that Stafon is well enough to play Pro ball.

Last one for tonight.  Go Navy on Saturday  — Give UCLA’s season “LEGS!”



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