Like the one on the Space Shuttle, Bruin Girls are out of this world.

Pauley renovation, Laker renovation, and another UCLA NCAA Title — All that and two National Championships taken away from the trojans BY Bruins — a lot of nice things have been going down lately

Three times more bathrooms.  That alone is worth $180 Million.

For anyone who has ever tried to go to the Rest Room during a crowded Bruin Home Basketball game without missing any action, some good news is on the horizon.  According to the newly disclosed plans for the renovation of Pauley Pavilion, fans will (eventually) no longer have to stand in line for 15 minutes before having to endure the radio call of Chris Roberts piped into the bathrooms while taking care of their business.

I didn’t do a big article about the plans, because you can go to UCLA’s site to get the specifics, and because I don’t get excited about things that aren’t going to happen for a couple of years.  But a few things need to be said:  It’s fantastic that Pauley is being updated but not razed;  The extra concessions, as well as baseline seating. is long, long overdue, and the idea of a Grand Entrance adorned with UCLA Glory is terrific.  But that doesn’t mean that I want to go to Inglewood at night to see the Bruins play at the Forum, or Downtown to Staples, for that matter.  The season away from Pauley is really going to make me appreciate Westwood.

So overall, despite how much good seats are going to cost in the future, the whole Pauley announcement was a NICE thing.  Almost as nice as seeing Jordan Farmar and the Lakers put their Game 4 debacle behind them and pummel the Rockets in Game 5.  Farmar hit another buzzer beater, this time at the end of the 1st quarter, that put the Lakers up by double-digits.  And on this night, the lead only grew.  L.A. won by 40, in the easiest of easy Playoff victories.  Trevor Ariza also played well, as both Bruins once again gave Kobe the support he needed to lead the Lakes to the win.

And Bruins did some winning OFF the Basketball court as well, beating top-ranked sc in the Women’s Water Polo National Championship.  The NCAA Title is #104 for UCLA, and the FIFTH straight for the Water Polo team.

And that wasn’t the ONLY Title that the trojans thought they were going to win last week:  The sc Men’s Volleyball team faced UC Irvine in the National Championship, and took a commanding early lead in the match, only to have the Anteaters — led by a Head Coach who happens to be a former UCLA Bruin player — come back dramatically to knock them off.

Tough week for the trojans… but wait until the NCAA really gives them something to cry about.

Below are 8 more Cheer photos from last month’s Spring Scrimmage.  But first, one last question:  Did any of you watch the Laker game on TNT last night?  Did you hear that annoying “ding” every time they changed the score on the screen?  Is that REALLY necessary?  Is TNT trying to out-FOX FOX?  Spare me the extra chime — A hundred and fifty times, I thought the microwave was done, or someone was texting me.   Okay — enough bitching…

Looking this good is Bearly legal.

Would you stay if she promised you heaven?  Will you ever win?

If this “profile” were a Facebook profile, it would never need updating.

And here’s one for my respected colleague Scott Wolf.

Eyes that energize.

…so as Capt. Kirk would say:  “ENERGIZE, Mr. Scott!”

Good luck to the Pauley architects — It’s hard to mess with a classic.

Now, with my heart all a’twitter, I’ll go Twitter everyone that there are new, beautiful photos for all to see.


6 responses to “NICE”

  1. Kacey Avatar

    Nice indeed!

    Plus, the heat is on USC

    Source: Floyd gave cash to Mayo handler/Lack of Institional Control;_ylt=ApO8iIGGU9FRLy.UNJwBGHjevbYF?slug=ys-uscprobe051209&prov=yhoo&type=lgns&expire=1

  2. SCopper Avatar

    Awesome pictures! The team looks great.

  3. jason Avatar

    I’m in LOVE with UCLA. . .

    but ELISE and BRIANNA sweep me OFF-MY-FEET!!!

    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RR Avatar

    Hey it took long enough, but check out who’s the cheerleader of the week 🙂

  5. Bruin Bruce Avatar
    Bruin Bruce

    The Bruin cheerleaders are surely beautiful and they ARE all that…but, I have to call it as I see it. [3 names deleted] are stuck-up.

    [T-H’s Note: Oh. My. God. You couldn’t be more wrong. I have dealt with two of the three that you mention on a personal level, and they are not anything CLOSE to stuck up. They were sweet, and nice, and humble. They were the opposite of demanding, and completely respectful. And that’s after 3 years of sitting in front of them, invading their privacy with a camera while they dance and kick and cheer. At least one of them OCCASIONALLY sees this site, so I wasn’t going to post your letter. But instead, I decided to post it, without the names, and with a passionate rebuttal, to try to maybe change your mind, and to assure you that Mollie’s committee weeds out the conceited girls, and picks the sweet ones instead. Besides, truly stuck-up girls don’t usually show the kind of dedication and sacrifice that is required to be a part of Mollie’s squad. You are entitled to your opinion, but I hope you are now willing to re-consider your assessment, or at least give them another chance.]

  6. Robert Avatar

    I don’t know who Bruce was referring to, but I know for sure he wasn’t referring to Michelle as being one of those three. Michelle fits the profile in your description of the dance team members. Michelle is a real sweetheart, and she has stolen my heart. 🙂