This COULDA been the best non-Cheerleader photo that we’ve ever taken.

Impotent Cowan-led Offense (0-11 on 3rd Down) can’t mount another attack to penetrate the end zone against over-rated usc, who fails to cover the UCLA Pointspread for the second year in a row and third time in four years

Will usc come to ultimately REGRET this sloppy victory?  If the trojans’ plan was to tank the game in order to preserve Karl Dorrell’s job at UCLA, they needed to actually lose the game, not just look like crap while winning.

This season, winning the Pac-10 is no great accomplishment, and neither is beating a battered, unranked team by less than the 20-point Spread, at Home, especially when the Underdog loses two fumbles in the first 8 minutes and turns it over two more times after that.  Not to mention a Bosworth Roughing the Passer penalty that led to a trojan score.

The trojans didn’t impress anyone not wearing red.  Their star Fred Davis dropped three easy passes all by himself, giving up First Downs in the process, and John David Booty looked like a nervous Matt Leinart against Texas, overthrowing Receiver after Receiver.  What the trojans COULD do is RUN.  None of their Backs were Special, as all of them did equally well, running through gaping holes in the Bruins’ line.  The blocking schemes WORKED against the Bruin D.  Of course, it’s hard to blame the Defense, when it was the anemic Offense that put the Defense in a position to fail.

And the Bruin Rushing attack was as BAD as the trojans’ was good.  Chris Markey ran with heart, but couldn’t find the rare holes that did open up.  He also lost an early fumble (as did Terrence  Austin), and dropped a short screen pass.

Dominique Johnson gave the Bruins their main highlight of the day (along with a Trey Brown INT in the end zone and a 4th and 1 Defensive stuff) with his one-handed stab (no offense, O.J. fans — Wait, make that “Yes, offense.”) of a Cowan lob that made the score 17-7 with 7 seconds left in the Half.  No one scored in the 3rd, as the Bruin Defense still hung tough despite no time of possession by the Offense (which is what happens when you don’t convert any third downs all game long).  It wasn’t about going ultra-conservative, but both trick plays to Brandon Breazell ended in disaster.  Breazell still played a tough-as-nails game, bouncing up with a reception after a vicious hit, and pulling in some dangerous passes.  The execution just wasn’t there on Offense, and the Defense couldn’t tackle well enough to shut the trojans out in the second half.  Early in the 4th, Booty got his only TD of the day, when he hit Davis on a short pass.

That made it 24-7, and with the Bruin offense unable to click, that was all the trojans needed.  But Bruin fans should keep in mind, that despite the final score, it is the trojans who are LOSERS, 24/7.  Case in point?  How about the vicious, late, cheap shot that Brian Cushing deliverd to Ben Olson?  Headhunting SCum.  And if you need more proof, just look at the Death Threats that trojan fans are sending to the Coliseum Commissioner, or check with ANY Bruin sitting up high in UCLA Section 1, near the three MAJOR @SSHOLES who completely ruined the experience for hundreds of Bruin fans, with their intense belligerence, profanity, verbal assaults against Bruin women, and their refusal to behave like human beings at all for 4 solid hours.

If there is ANY Karma in the World, you three f*cking pr!cks will pull that same thing at the Rose Bowl next year, and a hundred Bruins who want to beat the holy living sh!t out of you will instead just get Security to throw your asses out, and then you’ll accidentally tumble down the concrete stairs, for 77 rows. 

Do you think that’s harsh?  It’s not a Death Threat, so lighten up.  But we promise you — If you were there, you would have wanted these bastards shot in the head, and not with Birdshot by Bobby Knight.  We’re talking heavy artillery.  These guys truly epitomized EVERYTHING that we hate about usc, and with any luck, there will be a nice drive-by on Figueroa tonight that could rid the World of three cardinal and gold gang-bangers whom no one would ever miss.  

Below are 16 more enlarge-able photos (with mouse-over captions) from the game (for you Masochists out there), and from the rally (for you Hedonists).

“The Catch,” uncropped.

That’s it — Give ‘em both barrels!

Welcome to the Bruin Bash — We take the “Bashful” out of “Bash”

UCLA lost the battle, but continues to win the War.

This might be the best shot of the day that doesn’t feature a Bruin Touchdown.

Viva la difference, part 2

Screw the loss — This would still make good desktop wallpaper.

They’re as small as ants from 60 rows away — Still cute, but small as ants.

The Bruins made some good open field tackles, but sc saw too much open field.

#79 is lifting a DT like a rag doll.

Markey was always one step short of making something good happen

One of Booty’s RARE accurate throws — He had open targets.

Why don’t they ever call “Hands to the Face” against troy?

Markey finally finds a hole… and the Ref plugs it.

Horton drops Davis, on one of the passes that Davis DIDN’T drop.

Seemed like at least half of sc’s rush attempts found some room to run, which explains why Safety Dennis Keyes had 18 tackles.

When you’ve got hardwood liquidation, you know that you’ve reached the happy end.



  1. Ranelar Avatar

    Do you have more pictures of the new band unis? I’ve been dying to see some good clear pictures, since I wasn’t able to be at the game.

  2. t-h Avatar


    Yes we do. We’ll post at least one by tomorrow.


  3. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    The thugjans may have won the game, but in the battle of beauties – our cheerleaders won hands-down. I would like to know why the suc cheerleaders wear pantyhose? are they hiding something? and why do they wear so much makeup? shit, you could probably scrape it off, they wear so much of it. On a scale of 1-10 UCLA cheerleaders get a 10+ (specially Katie and Michelle ;P ), suc’s gets a 2- just for having the courage to wear those nasty colors.

  4. t-h Avatar

    Well, there are two “Katie’s,” but since we tend to feature a lot more Dance Team than Cheer Squad, we’re guessing that you’re referring to the Dance Team Captain, and we’ll just say that you have EXCELLENT taste — and that goes for Michelle, too — and it’s no accident that they get featured so much in our shots. But don’t take any of that as a knock on Cheer Squad Katie, whose best feature might be her captivating EYES, which are VERY DIFFICULT to capture with a camera, but in person, WOW, beyond words.

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