Honey, What Do You Do For Money — Dip-lomatic Immunity today for the USC Song Girls, who stripped down to bikinis and took a dip to help raise money for physically-challenged student-athletes, including the first one in the 32 years of the Swim With Mike Charity to attend UCLA

You COULD say that this article is “dripping with irony” —  This website usually lampoons “dripping with money” SC students, but once a year, a truce is declared, so that some of those very same students can be LAUDED for the extraordinary effort and generosity that they display by participating in the Annual Swim With Mike Charity Event.

Yesterday marked the 32nd year of this worthwhile Foundation’s perennial fundraiser, and by 12:30pm, they had already raised over $800,000, to be given out as scholarships to college students who were high school athletes, and who have suffered devastating injuries and illnesses, including paralysis, blindness, amputation, and brain tumors (just to name a few).

Many of these students use the scholarships to attend USC, but in the 32 years that the charity has been operating, many, many other schools have hosted recipients.  This year, Andrew Luk becomes the first to attend UCLA (which becomes the 8th school in the Pac-12 to benefit from the Program).  When it comes to fighting life-threatening illnesses and crippling injuries, the Rivalry can be put on hold.

The biggest draw of this event is the appearance of the bikini-clad USC Song Girls, who participate in an innertube race in the pool.  They usually get pushed by Trojan Football players, but there was a scrimmage yesterday, so the Water Polo team filled in.  Of course no one really cares who the guys are behind the girls, as long as the girls are there.

Because this is a charity event for such an admirable cause, I will not tolerate any snide comments about the girls.  As always, I chose only photos that I thought were totally flattering, and I hope that they actually inspire you to dig deep into your pockets, and donate to the cause.  So, with no further ado, here are FIFTY shots from the event — 47 of the Song Girls, then 2 of the Trojan Dance Force, and finally, one special bonus shot, which might end up on Jay Leno’s “Headlines.”  Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE THEM (especially the horizontal ones).


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  1. Jimbo Avatar

    They have to trick people to buy things like that since most $c fans 1) don’t know the difference and 2) didn’t know their school had any other athletic programs besides football. On a side note, this is a terrific charity, and the song girls look terrific… not as good as our dance team, but they’re all fine none-the-less!