Trading cappucinos for armadillos.

Westbrook Goin’ South:  The Sonics are ‘bucking rain-soaked Seattle for booming Oklahoma City, where the fans (who tote shotguns, not shots of espresso) will really get a blast out of Westy’s thunderous and dust-clearing Sonic Booms

Could you imagine if Jerry Buss moved the Lakers from Los Angeles?  I don’t mean:  to Irwindale, or Irvine, or Indio, or back to Inglewood — I mean someplace more like Iowa.  Could you imagine the public furor?  If you’re old enough to remember when the late Georgia Frontiere stole the Rams from their L.A. Fans (but not old enough to remember when they were in Cleveland), then you GET IT.

It’s no fun to lose a team that you’ve been supporting for 20 years, but that’s what’s happening to Basketball fans in Seattle.  You’ve heard of Sonic Drive-Thru’s?  Well, the Seattle Sonics are about to drive a stake through the heart of Sonic fans, by permanently moving all the way to Oklahoma City.

So now, the two Bruins who got drafted in the Top 5 EACH have suffered a dramatic change of venue:  Kevin Love was drafted #5 by Memphis, but then traded to Minnesota for O.J. Pay-o-to-play-o Mayo, and now Russell Westbrook, the #4 pick of Seattle, has to stop looking at waterfront estate properties near Seattle — no, not the ones hawked by Erik Estrada — and start looking for a double-wide that can withstand twisters.  Actually, with Westbrook’s just-acquired fortune, he’ll get a nice Ranch with a few thousand acres.  Then he’ll invite Ben Howland over, and together, they’ll strike oil.

For Love, he apparently had no idea that he was going to be traded to Minnesota, but was pleased, saying that Kevin McHale, the Timberwolves’ GM, is one of his idols (cough, choke).  Mayo also, supposedly found out about it second-hand, like that pot smoke that he never inhaled while cruising the Dealer’s place.

But Westbrook at least must have known that the Sonics were trying to re-locate.  But apparently no one knew for sure if the big deal would ever get pulled off, since it takes a lot of financial and political maneuvering to make it happen…  Until yesterday, when the deal was announced.  The Sonic ownership paid the City of Seattle $75 Million to break their lease immediately, and will start playing in Oklahoma City this coming season.

The OKC should be prepared, as they were the home-away-from-home for the New Orleans Hornets after Hurricane Katrina.  But it still sucks for the fans in Seattle, who used to brave the rain-slicked roads to fill up Key Arena and support their team, despite arrogant malcontent Gary Payton, their Point Guard for a long time, keeping them from being able to live up to their potential.

Speaking of potential, the new Clippers, with Baron Davis all lined up to join them, might lose Elton Brand after all.  The Golden State Warriors, now free of Baron’s high salary, have offered Brand $90 Million for 5 years.  That is more than the Clippers have available under the salary cap, so Brand would have to accept LESS MONEY in order to stick around and make Baron NOT REGRET his decision.

Surprisingly, the word from Brand’s camp is that he plans on staying a Clipper.  For Baron’s sake, we hope so, but, we’ll see.


Now a couple of comments to you comment-makers and regulars out there:  First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback on Wolf’s blog.  I wasn’t AFRAID of him posting my shots — Although I don’t welcome an influx of trojans to my site, or the hate mail that they will fire off, I really DO want them to see some of my shots, so that they will stop saying that Oregon Cheerleaders are the new standard.  Also, I want them to see my sexy sc song girl shots in the pool, so they’ll ease up on their hate mail to them.  I would actually love for someone to send some shots to Scott –His readers NEED enlightenment.

Anyway, I loved the RSS idea, although I’ve never gone that route before.  However, I am now just using another mailservice’s browser, and it seems to be okay for now.  I still can’t believe I’m the only person whose TWO computers are both incompatible with Wolf’s blog.  What are the odds?  Did sc figure out my ip address and infect me with some sort of freeze virus, so that I CAN’T read it, or POST there?


And now, an interesting little surprise for a few of you who requested older “archives” of this website.  Well, thanks to a post on Bruinzone, I found out today that an archive site out there took “snapshots” of my old site, and they still allow free access to it.  There are several save-points, going all the way back to 2003, when I started this whole nonsense.  Most importantly:  SOME of the old photos are still visible.  I don’t know why or how they decide which ones appear — It’s possible that if I waited longer, they would have all popped up. 

I think that the articles are a little more juvenile and sexist than current ones [since I realized how many females, including certain Cheerleaders, frequent this site], so I apologize for that in advance.  But since I got several requests for the older stuff, especially cheer photos, I’m posting a couple of links here.  The website is called “The Wayback Machine,” in honor of the old “Mr Peabody” cartoon, and you can try other websites in there too.  Here are a couple of lists of save-points:*/*/

Good luck hunting, as I don’t know where the good pics are, or which ones will be visible.


Below, in honor of Westbrook leaving Grunge Town for the Land of Cowgirls, are four photos that “feature” cowboy hats… With apologies to Waldorf, for once again breaking out his infamous “porno skanks.”  And by the way, to UCLADal — I think you’re the only one who likes the farks, and considering the amount of time that goes into them, that makes you pretty f-in’ special, I tell ya what!

 These are Kansas Cheerleaders — These are NOT the aforementioned “porno skanks.”

Snoop Dogg’s “King of the Hill” pimp, “Alabaster,” was from the OKC.

I count FOUR Cowboy hats (but you probably didn’t notice any of them).

I’ve heard of a “10-Gallon Hat,” but how about a “20-Gallon Bra?” 



  1. JP Avatar

    I know we have the best girls. But those Trojans are vicious. I think no matter what, out of spite, they’ll only have bad things to say about our girls. We have the most beautiful girls though.

    Apparently, nepotism is high in the Song Girl program and they’re outraged that beautiful girls are no longer on the squad due to lack of connections. It’s SC, what do they expect?

  2. UCLAXTC Avatar

    More objective evidence that UCLA’s Dance team put the USC Song Girls to shame. From LAist:

    Song Girls rate no higher than third place, while UCLA’s Dance Team makes all Bruins proud.

  3. Waldorf Avatar

    Dude, sorry about the “porno skanks” thing. You go ahead and post whatever your little heart desires!

    But I must admit I am far too lazy to search through the links on the Wayback Machine to find any good cheerleader pics. So, if you just pick out the best ones and post them here I promise I’ll never say “porno skank” again as long as I live. Deal? You da’ man!