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Mid-day MELTDOWN!!!

TIMMY GETS TOSSED, AND O.J. GETS LOST:  Ejected Coach/Joker and Dejected Roach-Smoker are humiliated in 74-50 laugher, especially by a blown Mayo lay-up that was a selfish attempt to get on Sportscenter

No pass, no play?  Then O.J. Mayo shouldn’t play.  The usc trOJans went into Pullman to face a struggling WSU team that had lost three straight home games, but with Mayo playing 36 minutes and dishing out a total of ZERO Assists, the trojans allowed the Cougars to get back on track with an easy 74-50 Victory.   It’s not really true that Mayo never passed.  He did pass the ball TO THE COUGARS, FIVE TIMES.  The trojans as a team managed a total of 6 Assists (3 of which came very late, after the game was decided), on 26 Field Goals, with 14 Turnovers.

The Cougars forged a lead towards the end on the First Half, and sc never got back into it, trialing in double-digits for most of the Second Half.  And of course, the trojans showed no Class or compusure while getting spanked.  Coach Tim Floyd went ballistic over a non-foul call on a Mayo Turnover, and picked up two Technical Fouls to get ejected from the game.  Three different angles on the replay were inconclusive, despite the comments of Steve Lavin and Brent Musberger, who both thought that they saw a foul.  What THEY didn’t see was Mayo tripping over the defender’s foot.  Regardless, it was a tough call for which the Refs deserved NO grief, but Floyd obviously had seen enough of his sefish one-on-one “team,” and wanted to hit the showers early (to de-grease his bangs?).

But the play of the game came when things were getting a little desperate for the trojans, to the point where they needed every Point that they could get.  But Mayo takes off by himself on a Fast Break, and instead of just dunking it in quickly to beat the trailing defender, he attempts a fancy, highlight-reel Reverse Lay-up, and he misses it badly.  From that point on, the trojans never made it interesting.

Floyd and Mayo both showed their true colors on Saturday, and if they continue to self-destruct like that, they are likely to miss out completely on the Big Dance.  The NCAA Selection Committee just might notice when a team pulls a “Belichick,” and loses with NO CLASS, and with sc possibly on the bubble, that arrogant attitude could really cost them.


Now, back to the important matters, of fulfilling your every dream and fantasy:  Here is a fourteen-photo tribute — by request — to a graceful young Bruin who, for no real reason,  hasn’t received the exposure here that she deserves.  And as a testament to her beauty, all these great shots were “leftovers” from ONE single performance.  By that, we mean that we have already posted all the “Hall of Fame” shots, of which she appeared in many, but there were still dozens more where SHE looks excellent.  That’s why we were able to amass so many nice pics of her, that were still “never-before-seen.” 

We hope everyone enjoys the collection.  We are working on two more specific tributes (to satisfy requests) to individuals on the Squad, coming soon.  However, it should be noted, that due to a couple of reasons, including the possibility that THE STRIKE IS ENDING, we may not be available to update the site this week.  So, SAVOR THESE, because next week might be so DRY, that if it were a sandwich, you’d have to say, “Pass the Mayo,” even though the words “Pass” and “Mayo” don’t seem go together very well.


















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  1. Waldorf wrote,

    Dude, thanks for the Michelle tribute! All of the ladies are pretty, but she’s my favorite. I won’t get into why because she may be reading this, and I don’t want to embarrass her. Just be assured that my reasons are honorable…well, at least as honorable as they can be from some middle-aged dork who likes to look at photos of cheerleaders half his age. Keep up the good work!

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