Huddle with the Boys, then Cuddle with the Girls?  Well Kiss mah Grits!

Rejuvenated Beavers keep it tight for 20 minutes, but DC Power and Big Love turn on and stretch the lead in 2nd half in 85-62 pelting;  And this just in:  O.J. Mayo’s Dad busted for Dealing Weed (Do you still think the Pot in O.J.’s car belonged to his friend?)

On a night where Freshman Kevin Love was announced as being one of the 30 Finalists for the John Wooden Award  and he showed everyone it was warranted, teammate Darren Collison stepped up to share Love’s spotlight.  DC scored a career-high 33 Points to lead UCLA to a 23-point win over Oregon State.  The Corvallis crowd, who has seen their team go winless in the Pac-10 thus far, were re-invigorated by a flat Bruin start, and a hot-shooting Beaver squad, who actually had the lead late in the first half.

But in the second stanza, UCLA played more like UCLA, forcing the Beavers into a much lower shooting percentage (48.5% to 22.2%), resulting in 23 points instead of the 39 they got in the first half.   The Beavers didn’t get a Field Goal in the 2nd half until more than 8 minutes were gone, in a 17-1 Bruin run.  And for the second game in a row, Love was dominant on the Glass, pulling down a UCLA Freshman Record 21 Rebounds (39 in two games) to go with his 16 points, 3 Blocks, 2 Assists, and a Steal.  Those are Wooden Award-type stats.

But Collison was the difference in this game, posting the most Points by a Bruin since Dijon Thompson scored 39 a few years back.  Collison made all 13 of his Free Throws, and 2 of 3 Three-pointers, and he picked a good night to get hot, because Josh Shipp and Russell Westbrook went a combined 5-for-16 from the floor (and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute sat out again due to his concussion).

As for our prediction about the Oregon-sc game, we were correct, unfortunately, even though the trOJans choked away a huge lead in the final two minutes, as they pulled away from a completely-drained Duck team in O.T.

And speaking of sc, O.J. Mayo’s Dad got busted on Friday for Dealing Weed.  He got caught trying to evade Police, with a half-pound of Pot, and seven baggies.  Now that you know that Mayo’s Dad is a dealer, you have to wonder who really owned the Dope that the Cops found in the car when they pulled O.J. and his buddies over a while back, while they were circling a known Dealer’s house.  If your best friend’s Dad was a dealer, who do you think would have the stash in your car?  That’s right, if you said “The Dealer’s Son?” give yourself 20 points.

At least know we know why Mayo’s Dad let him go to sc in the first place — He was totally wasted at the time!  Or maybe, if he was momentaritly NOT blitzed, he figured that having his son go to sc would be the best way to hook up with Snoop Dogg, the sc mascot and proud Poster Boy for Stoners.

Mayo didn’t miss a game for taking “illegal” Laker tickets — Will he miss a game to go visit his Dad in Prison?  Will he bake a cake?  With a bong in it?  The family that rolls joints together, winds up IN the Joint together?  We can only hope.

 SMOKIN’!!!  (But not the way Mayo does)




  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Maybe OJ’s dad and the Ting’s dad can both open up a clinic together. Johnny Morton could be their first customer. I’m sure after the way Johnny got the crap kicked out of him in the match or whatever it was called, he could use some of Mr. Mayo’s help.

    I like the line about the dad being wasted and that is why he let OJ got to sc. Good one T-H.