Make a new plan, Dan — Neuheisel is Slip Sliding Away, as his Offense can’t score a single point, and his Defense is much worse, giving up 50, by failing to cover anyone all night

The Offense gets shut out, yet the Defense was worse than the Offense.  What more do you need to know?  The Offense actually moved the ball, with Kevin Prince throwing for 261 yards, and with Jonathan Franklin averaging 7 yards a carry, but 3 times the Bruins threatened, and 3 times they were denied.  On their first drive, they failed on a 4th and Goal run, later, Prince threw an Interception in the end zone, and finally, Prince tried to squeeze a 4th Down pass between two defenders converging on Joseph Fauria in the end zone, but the pass fell incomplete.

At least they had SOME success, and GOT the ball into the Red Zone.  The Defense, however, had NO success at all.  Not even close.  Not only did sc score almost every time they touched the ball, but they did so with total ease.  Their first TD came on a bomb, on their 4th snap.  The next TD drive took about 30 seconds longer.  Matt Barkley threw 6 Touchdown passes, and Curtis McNeal had a 73-yard TD run.  Everything the trojans did, worked.  Their Receivers were wide open all night, Barkley was not pressured in the slightest, and sc dominated the line of scrimmage.  The Bruins put up so little resistence, that sc barely had any THIRD Downs, let alone FOURTH Downs.

The schemes didn’t work, the athletes were overmatched, the passion and effort were not evident — It was a total epic fail on the part of all the coaches and players.  It was an absolute embarrassment, to all the Bruin fans who took their lives in their hands by travelling to South Central to attend the game in person.

There are no excuses.  Even the teams that UCLA beat soundly put up a much better fight when they played usc.  Sure the trojans are made up of steroidal freaks of nature who all came to sc because they were the best players money could buy — That’s why I said all week that the Bruins have little chance to win the game.  But FIFTY-TO-NOTHING?  That is absolute bullshit, and Rick Neuheisel is accountable.  If the groundswell for his immediate dismissal gets its way, I will not mourn the loss.  Not after the showing last night.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the game was over by the 3rd quarter, Lane Kiffin kept his starters in the game.  Barkley stayed in to get his 6th TD pass, because that broke the school record for TD’s in a season (which is a legitimate reason), but the thing is, he stayed in AFTER he got the record.  He didn’t come out until the final play of the game.  At least he wasn’t thowing bombs.  And I guess Kiffin kept the Defensive starters in, in order to maintain the shutout.  What he doesn’t realize, is that his lack of class just guaranteed that the UCLA Program will improve, by insuring that they will have a new Coach next season.  At least I don’t THINK the more powerful boosters will stand for the return of the guy who engineered that debacle last night.  And when Rick leaves, he better take Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey with him.

Now I know that there are some die-hard pro-Rick fans out there that don’t like my tone.  First of all, I bet those people weren’t in the stadium to see that pathetic performance in person, and didn’t have to take the constant and unending ABUSE of the trojan fans who had thoroughly infiltrated the UCLA sections.  And secondly, if you still have faith in Rick, all he has to do to redeem himself is take his team to Oregon on Dec. 2nd, and beat the Ducks to earn a Rose Bowl bid.  Then he will keep his job for another year.  But if you really think that UCLA can beat Oregon IN Oregon, you probably also think that there will be a permanent peace between Israel and Palestine starting next week.  Optimism is nice, but maybe you should use it to hope for a good Coaching hire as soon as possible.

The only thing I’m optimistic about is the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Below are 35 photos from the game and the pre-game Bruin Bash, featuring the Dance Team and Cheer Squad… the ONLY good part of the night.



6 responses to “50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR COVER”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Thank you for the cheerleader pics T-H. They’re are the only thing worth while about our pathetic football program. And why CRN hasn’t been fired shows that Dan Guerrero has no clue and no courage.

    Hopefully the spirit squad saves some money and stays home for this Friday’s game. The only Bruin fans that will be there will be players’ family members. That will be about 200 max.

  2. Ken Avatar

    UCLA did something last night I didn’t think possible and that was make Iowa’s (my alma mater) pathetic performance against Nebraska look inspiring.

    I was so hoping the Bruins would put a whipping on the cheaters from U$Cum and seriously hurt that candy-ass, smug and stupid quarterback. Nothing like staying up late and having a bad night’s sleep. Well, I only hope the new coach really gets UCLA back up to the level they belong soon. That game was unacceptable.


  3. UclaBruin86 Avatar

    Worst performance I have witnessed on a football field. I was at ucla back in rick’s day and feel badly for him and his team. $c showed up and the bruin defense didnt. The offense showed improvement but clearly didn’t convert. Coach will shoulder the blame I just hope the players find courage to work hard in practice this week. Ducks are very very explosive and could put up 50 in a half. Change will come. Sadly since I believe crn has a good bruin heart but we cannot let sc continue to dominate without a battle

  4. bruins34 Avatar

    The Bruins showed no heart. I don’t think they should fire Neuheisel. Who else would they get since they won’t pay top dollar for a coach. We just need to do better at recruiting. We had Devon Blackmon last year a WR My son played with him .Blackmon could be playing right now for us and probably starting but the UCLA recruiters stopped coming around to his school so now he’s at Oregon.

  5. Bruin89 Avatar

    This disgrace of a game was the cap of four agonizing years. It’s obviously time to clean house at the football program, and Dan Guerrero needs to accept responsibility for his part in this disaster. At least past Bruin teams played with some integrity, last night the entire program was absent.

    Finally, I’m assuming last night was last time we’ll ever see those ridiculous white uniforms! Someone’s head needs to roll for that decision alone. GO BRUIN BLUE AND GOLD!

  6. BruinsRULE! Avatar

    Great photos of the ucla cheerleaders this year. wish i were there. That teeny asian with long slender legs is GORGEOUS! Is she a true freshman? soph? I think her name is Michelle. ??!!
    also, I heard a cheerleader had to be carried off the field at the SUC game. Who was it? What happened to her? I only heard about this cheerleader carried off the field in an article written by Jon Gold.