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crystal seyrue

That’s Crystal on the left!

It’s time to support your fellow Bruin and former UCLA Spirit Squad member Crystal, whose revolutionary new clothing line is ready to take the Fashion World by storm — And you can be a part of the success by helping her on Kickstarter

I’m all about justice.  The whole point of this site is to urge you to help the bad guys (aka “trojans”) get their just desserts, and to help the good guys achieve success.  Bruin superstar UCLA Cheerleader Crystal Ung is one of the good guys.  Not only is she gorgeous and sweet as sugar, but she is also super-smart, creative, innovative, and a superior representative of UCLA.  After earning her MBA, she went on to achieve great success in the business world, but she’s not close to being done.  She has recently partnered up with another phenom — Kristin Paquette — to found a fashion/design company that is revolutionizing women’s work fashion.

The company is called “Seyrue,” and they are changing the landscape of the industry by combining chic designer aesthetics with high-performance technology fabrics.  Versatile features like multi-dimensional stretch, odor-absorbing, machine-washable, wrinkle-free fabric, along with streamlined, direct-to-consumer online shopping that allows women to customize the fit of the clothes, makes Crystal and Kristin’s venture a surefire financial success whose time has come.  Please help empower them to empower millions of women around the world, by going to their website and to Kickstarter, to support this worthwhile endeavor.

All the photos of the clothing, and all the info about the company, can be found here:

And here’s the page where you can pledge your support:

Please check out the above links, and consider supporting a loyal Bruin as she skyrockets to the top!







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