Tro bono:  Ex-trojan Jeff Fisher’s Titans SUE usc and Lane Kiffin for knowingly enticing Kennedy Pola to breach his contract

Lane Kiffin:  The Gift that keeps on Givin’.

Ever since Lane Kiffin was floundering to a 4-12 season with the Oakland Raiders, he has been getting into trouble.  Al Davis called him a liar after firing him.  Then came Tennessee, where he got busted for making false accusations about other Programs, while committing multiple violations himself, before being chased out of town with torches and pitchforks.  He landed at sc, where he has allegedly lied to recruits, committed more violations, and now, unprofesionally and illegally tampered with and stole an Assistant Coach.

The whole State of Tennessee already hated Kiffin, before this theft of Pola.  So the Head of the Tennessee Titans must have been completely FED UP with Kiffin’s continuous weasal-like behavior, and decided to make  a (proverbial) Federal case out of it.

Pola, as the newly-hired Running Backs Coach of the Titans, had a specific clause in his Contract forbidding him from accepting contact from prospective new employers, without informing the Titans.  It has been reported that Pola was well-aware of this provision, and that he informed Kiffin of it when they spoke.  Of course, neither one of them bothered to adhere to the rule, and Pola agreed to blow off Fisher and return to Figueroa Tech.

The lawsuit claims that Kiffin maliciously caused harm to the Titans, by ignoring protocol, and ignoring Pola’s contractual obligations.  The Titans, who fired Earnest Byner to open a slot for Pola, were left scrambling for a new Coach just days before Training Camp begins.  The Titans site the desertion as a blow to the confidence of the players, that could have severe and far-reaching ramifications.

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages.  The Titans are trying to stop this sort of pirating of NFL talent by other scumbags.  Apparently, Kiffin also tried to snag Eric Bieniemy away from the Vikings, forcing Minnesota to renegotiate a better deal for him, to get him to stay.

It is now apparent to everyone that Lane Kiffin — who has been riding on his Father’s good name for years — has no respect for any rule or regulation.  He even disrespected the time-honored TRADITIONS that the Tennessee Vols had cherished forever.  Kiffin has shown ZERO INTEGRITY, and this latest reckless, litigation-warranting violation SHOULD HAVE forced Pat Haden to show some of HIS true colors:  Would Pat SUPPORT and DEFEND Kiffin’s scuzzy actions?  But this time, I think he HAS to side with Kiffin, because usc is a fellow defendant in the case.  It could be self-destructive for Haden to take the high road and chastise Kiffin for his idiotic actions.

Or maybe, Haden will TERMINATE Kiffin over this, using it as an excuse to excise a malignant tumor of a Coach.  He could really make a huge statement about usc’s new Zero Tolerance policy (ha ha), AND, he could bring in a guy who can actually Coach… like Jeff Fisher!  Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious?  Fisher’s FIRST action as sc’s new Head Coach would be to FIRE Pola.


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    Fast freddie

    Kiffin continues to step on his own dick, what a pompous ass.