“Has trouble with authority; Doesn’t play well with others…”

Irritable TrOJan Syndrome:  Fili Moala gets arrested for obstructing Justice, by refusing to do The Routine, and Heel for Police

This time, it’s really him.

It looks like some small-time crook is the Miss Cleo of Perps.  Last year after getting arrested on a drunk and disorderly or some other crime, some guy tells Police that he is usc Defensive Tackle Fili Moala, and that Coach Carroll is going to kill him.  As it turned out, it was a lie, and the guy – whoever it was – got away with it.  It was probably someone else from the team, who, just like O.J., got off completely unscathed.  But when he chose to use Fili’s name to escape punishment, he must have known that it was only a matter of time before Maola found HIMSELF in the back of a squad car.

Apparently, Maola was at a Bar in Newport Beach – “Hoagie Barmichael’s” – when a fight broke out.  Maola was not involved, but when the Cops had him put his nose to the ground and stay out of the fracas, Fili became a little touchy.  He completely disobeyed them, by getting up and going inside the Bar where the fight was happening.  So, Fili was arrested for defying the Police, and subsequently released on $500 bail.

So it’s been a busy week for sc-related Defense Lawyers:  First, Todd Marinovich’s little brother gets busted breaking into an Equipment/Weight Room at Syracuse; Then a trOJan Football Recruit gets busted for what appears to be an armed robbery; And finally, Moala gets popped.  Of course, none of them did anything wrong, so none of them will face any consequences —

Marijuanovich just wanted to do some extra reps on his delts (makes it easier to light your crack pipe); The Recruit was just “auditioning” to be a Starter in his Freshman year at sc, by attempting the “Initiation” task of sticking someone up at gunpoint; And Moala was just trying to HELP the poor little Policemen, by trying to BREAK UP the fight.  Fili won’t even have to do extra push-ups at Club Carroll’s 24-Minute Fitness Center.

And speaking of FITNESS, here are, as requested, a dozen photos of the Dance Team’s Special Routine in High Heels on Saturday (which made Steve Lavin  reference Victoria’s Secret), plus 1 stylized bonus shot.  But first, one more Moala run-in with Authority, along with a preview of the bonus shot.Moala is always being thwarted by The Man… in this case, a Zebra.

Make your own “Muscle Milk” joke if you like (We don’t do that any more)

The last time we saw that many PUMPS on that Court, KLove was pump-faking the Lopez Twins out of THEIR shoes!

Time HEELS all wounds.

When did Mollie institute “Casual Saturdays?”  [Have we mentioned lately how much we love that woman?]

Remember those Easy Spirit commercials with women playing Basketball in high heels?  Well, these Girls have Spirit, but they AIN’T easy!

No Grey Area:  The difference between UCLA Spirit and all others is like Black & White (just like the Cruiser that took Fili away).

High Heels are #1 forever;  TAR Heels are #1 only until they play UCLA.

Glad Capt. Katie doesn’t hate us, ‘cuz we wouldn’t want to get kicked by those shoes.  Get the point?

You think it’s EASY to dance in those heels?  Most men couldn’t take five steps while wearing stick heels, if they tried.

Does this shot make you love UCLA?  Of corset does!

The problem with Muscle Milk is the “USC” in the middle.

“What’s all this fuss about Martian Gays singing about Sexual HEELING?  What?  Oh.  Never mind.”

NEON KNIGHTS!!      –And now, just like Jack’s Cheeseburger Sale ads:  “It’s over when I SAY it’s over!!”


4 responses to “TOUCHY FILI”

  1. JP Avatar


    2. I love that our Dance Team mixes it up and gives us all something different.

    3. There ain’t no other Dance/Cheer team more beautiful than ours. This year’s Dance Team is an all-time great.

    4. While other schools are still at collegiate level, the UCLA Dance Team is Laker Girl level (even better, if you ask me). Period.

  2. Dan Avatar

    Her name is Brianna…the Blonde with the BANGING BODY….ouch!!! She can dance, shake, smile, you name it she can do it and when she does it…..everyone LOOKS…OMG…INCREDIBLE, and that PERFECT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Go BRUINS and GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. UCLADavid Avatar

    Bonus points to the dance team for doing their routine in 3 inch heels without twisting an ankle!

  4. Robert Avatar

    wow! wow! wow! Oh my God!! there is no sexier, more attractive dance team in the nation, not only do we have the finest Athletics program in the world, but these beautiful girls belong in another galaxy. We are Bruin fans so BLESSED! Katie, Kristen, Michelle, and Elize are absolutely out of this world. THANK YOU for this wonderful pictures. I will log-in again tonight, just before I go to sleep, for one last look – ; )