“No more rhymes now.  I MEAN it!”  “Anybody want a peanut?”

TRUE LOVE:  No need to Have Fun Storming the Castle, as it would be INCONCEIVABLE for us to say anything to this pictorial request other than “As… You…W-i-i-i-i-sshh!!”

Andre the Giant may “dream of large women,” but now it’s time for you to “dream large,” for a sweet, young woman who has graced these pages perhaps more than any other celestial being.  Thanks to another recent request for a photo-spread devoted to a certain girl (or girls), we have been blessed with an “excuse” to peruse the archives, and choose (never-before-seen) photos that feature a personal favorite of ours.  Tough assignment, huh?

We have become a de facto “photo-jukebox,” where you just select your favorite, and we quickly comply with an eruption of images that are just what the doctor ordered.  We’re okay with that, but when you comment, keep in mind that the Girls themselves now frequent this site, and WILL see what you write, so, please keep it clean!   And stay away from statements that COMPARE the Girls to one another — Please — No wagering —  These photos are for entertainment purposes only, and we MUST avoid pitting the Girls against each other in any sort of competition, even hot oil.  And on that visual, here are 11 more photos that we’ll call our photographic “Princess Diaries,” with mouse-over captions of quotes from Rob Reiner’s classic romantic-comedy adventure movie “The Princess Bride.”

“She doesn’t get eaten by the eels at this time.”  “What?”  “I’m explaining this to you because you look nervous.”

“Are you trying to trick me?  Where’s the Sports?  Is this a Kissing Book?”

“Why are you smiling?”  “Because I know something you don’t know.”

“Who are you?”  “No one of consequence.”  “I must know.”  “Get used to disappointment.”

“My way is not very sportsman-like.”

“…we’ll try and kill each other like civilized people?”

“…Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?  MORONS!”

“…I can clearly not choose the wine in front of ME.”

“Never go in against a Sicilian, when DEATH is on the line!”

“Rodents Of Unusual Size?  I don’t think they exist.”  [Except at usc]

“My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my Father.  Prepare to Die.”




13 responses to “THE PRINCESS PRIDE”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    The last head looks like George Costanza’s.

    Nice pics as usual!

  2. JP Avatar

    She and the other girls make the SC cheerleaders across town look so cheap and gross. Seriously, have you all seen theirs? NOT GOOD!!!!!!!

  3. Josh Avatar

    I like her.. She’s really pretty.. I agree with JP. She and the other [UCLA] girls puts the [sc] song girls to shame.. There is not 1 song girl that can compete with this beauty 🙂

  4. Waldorf Avatar

    Katie is indeed a lovely gal. Now, can you do a similar photo spread on Michelle? Thanks!

    (no, I’m not a cyberstalker)

    Great work, as usual.

  5. Jamie Avatar

    I think this is the best group of cheerleaders we’ve had in some time. I never get tired of looking at them. Keep it coming!

  6. pkbruin Avatar

    She’s a younger hotter catherine zeta jones, agree?

  7. t-h Avatar

    Dear pkb –

    Michael Douglas should BE so lucky!!!

  8. JT Avatar

    she is a beauty no doubt about it.. The girls keep getting more beautiful. We should have a Kristin spread as well. She’s really pretty also.

  9. t-h Avatar

    JT —

    It’s coming soon…

  10. JT Avatar

    can’t wait…

    thanks t-h

  11. Peter Avatar

    OMG! You are blessed for owning such a fine camera. LOL!

  12. t-h Avatar

    Dear Peter —

    Thanks. But…

    It has a LOT less to do with the camera or the cameraman, and much MORE to do with the stunning SUBJECT MATTER.

    Even an “artist’s rendering” would be worth viewing, if the subject matter were the same as it is in these photos.

  13. John Avatar

    Definitely a TEN, but they’re all babes! Can you do a photo spread on Kara soon?

    [Editor’s Note: Yes, but give us a week to finish this other assignment that we are on. If you don’t see what you want in 10 days, write again and remind us. Thx.]