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Tweet Emotion — Now you can follow Trojan-Hater on “TWITTER”

You can’t go one normal day without hearing about  From Jimmy Fallon to Derek Fisher, everyone is doing it, as the phenomenon sweeps across the Country.  So, instead of waiting the usual two years until it’s yesterday’s news and I’d have to be “Trojan-Hater7742,” I signed up now, and got “trojanhater.”

So, if you already know what all the fuss is about, you can go to, sign up for FREE (all they want is a name and e-mail address — it takes 30 seconds), and then select anyone you want, like trojanhater, to “follow.”  Just type “trojanhater” into the “Find people” box, and I will come up.

Then, depending how e-savvy you are, you can receive updates from here, in your e-mail, or on your Blackberry, or wherever you want.  I will “Tweet” occasionally, as intersting things come up in the UCLA/Anti-sc World, and in the Sports World in general, and I will Tweet when there are new articles and photospreads here at  That way, you don’t have to check here all the time just to learn that no updates have occurred.

If you have no idea what Twitter is, and the last paragraph didn’t shed some light on it:  Twitter is the latest — and fastest-growing by far — Social Networking site, that thrives on quick, brief little updates, or “tweets,” that people and companies post.  You get to pick which people’s (your friends, celebrities, Sports Networks) updates to receive, and if you want, you can respond to them, or post your own tweets for other people to receive.

Ashton Kutcher already has a million followers.  Saturday Night Live just joked about Twitter while I’m writing this (and about Dick-in-a-Box Mother-Lovers — pretty funny stuff).  It seems like Twitter really might be the next huge thing.  So for once, get in early, and be on the cutting edge, instead of letting younger readers have all the fun.

Tweet and Sour Pork.

Tweet Dreams!


"SURVIVAL OF THE TWITTEST" was published on May 10th, 2009 and is listed in Non-Rivalry Photos.

Comments on "SURVIVAL OF THE TWITTEST": 2 Comments

  1. Jake wrote,

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think I’ve know of Twitter for a year. I don’t use it though either to receive tweets or send them myself. We already publicize our lives and what we’re doing enough. 😉

  2. BruinCivil wrote,

    T-H, Welcome to the 21st Century. 🙂

    You should link the articles to your tweets using either tinyurl or For example this article would be: or

    I think Twitter will be a great way for us followers to know when your site has a new article. Keep up the great work.


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