Sir Editor: Great website. I love it. Especially the Cheer Pics. You make my day.
Suggestion 1: Add Lil “package deal” Romeo to the list of Infamous TrOJans. He is taking up the scholarship from a “deserving” TrOJan.
Suggestion 2: Add Al Cowlings to the list of Infamous TrOJans. From Wikipedia: Cowlings and Simpson were teammates at Galileo High School, San Francisco City College, USC, the Buffalo Bills, and the San Francisco 49ers; they eventually became close friends and confidants. Cowlings is most famous for his role in Simpson’s capture on June 17, 1994, after a low-speed chase by police on Los Angeles freeways, after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman several days before. Cowlings claims that Simpson pointed a gun to Cowlings’ head, forcing him to take part in Simpson’s flight from the police. The chase was televised on live TV from helicopter cameras, and it is estimated it was viewed by approximately 90 million people in the U.S. alone. Cowlings was the driver, Simpson his passenger, in the now-infamous 1994 white Ford Bronco. The chase ended at Simpson’s mansion in Brentwood, where he then surrendered to police.
Suggestion 3: Add Mug Shots to the “Infamous TrOJans” Page, right next to their names. This is one of my favorites from Bruin Roar blog.
Cole Ford Mugshot:
Al Cowlings Mugshot:

Todd Marinovich:
Dwayne Jarrett Mugshot:


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  1. Jake Avatar


    For all of us non-Bruins who appreciate your hard work keeping us up on the usc situation while passing along fine photography, maybe a page dedicated with face shots of each wonderful cheerleader so we can keep them all straight is in order?

    Please? 🙂