Enemy Fine

WTF are they complaining about?

Trojan fans are asinine and out-of-line to whine “Decline,” since their Girls still shine like our Fine Nine (just not quite as brightly)

Another series of brutal assaults victimizing trojan co-eds related to the usc Athletic Department?  Well, at least this time, the attacks are verbal… but still very hurtful, and of course, completely unwarranted.

Once again, a usc blog has exhibited the arrogant mentality and lack of Class of “some” sc fans — Feedback to Scott Wolf continues to skewer the current sc Song Girls.  They use all sorts of derogatory adjectives which we will not repeat here, because they just aren’t true.  As anyone who saw our photos from the Swim with Mike Charity Event could plainly see, the trojan girls still have plenty to offer. 

Not only were they nice and tolerant of all the pesky and invasive shutterbugs, but they donned skimpy bikinis for Charity, and they filled them out nicely.  They look fine in those innertube photos, and that’s even though the camera adds 10 pounds to them.  Critics might point out one derriere that might appear a tad wide, but c’mon — J-Lo is a Sex Goddess to many guys, so maybe the critics of the Song Girls are being a tad too harsh?

The comments on Wolf’s blog were SO harsh that someone (NOT anyone I know) posted that “even the typically nasty had nothing but nice things to say about the Song Girls.”

I know it’s out of character for me, but SOMEBODY has to come to the Defense of these poor Girls.  And this is NOT a parallel to the trojan fans who built up Karl Dorrell as a legitimate threat just to make Bruin fans lobby for his retention.  Can you imagine how the sc Song Girls must feel, when they go to Wolf’s blog, just to keep up-to-date on the trojan teams, and they end up reading these vicious critiques?  It must rip their hearts out.  There is even a Conspiracy Theory circulating about the Song Girl Coach circumventing the Selection Committee, putting her Daughter on the Squad, and then surrounding her with less-attractive Girls, just to make her look better, and to enable her to get a Show Business career off the ground.

It’s one thing when your RIVAL’S student section barks at you when you strut onto the Pauley Pavilion floor, but it’s ENTIRELY something else when YOUR OWN FANS do basically the same thing.

I used to be one of those Rival barkers, but not any more.  Even though I question the judgment of a Girl who chooses to attend a school where the violent crimes against Women are legendary, I no longer think that they deserve that kind of treatment.  It might have something to do with getting to know the Bruin Girls as human beings (instead of objects), and it might also have something to do with not wanting the Bruin Girls to have to endure the reciprocal treatment;  But I don’t want to go after a Girl who was probably brainwashed by a trojan Dad, and told that sc was the only school for which he would foot the bill.  The Girls might go to sc, but it’s probably NOT because they grew up worshipping the likes of O.J. Simpson or Reggie Bush.  Do these Girls really deserve this trojan-on-trojan abuse?

Even if there was a marked decline in quality, this would be no way to react, assuming that they wanted to fix the problem.  But the fact is, that the so-called decline is just NOT nearly as dramatic as the trojans would like to think.  The trojans have these selective memories where they have just convinced themselves that their old Barbie Dolls of the 70’s were perfection personified.  But the truth is that not all of the Girls were as hot as they recall, and that the current crop of girls are, overall, about the same caliber as always.  The problem for these Girls is that…MOLLIE HAS RAISED THE BAR.

As is evident in the bulk of those negative comments, the REAL issue isn’t the mediocrity of the sc Girls, but the MASSIVE DISCREPANCY between them and the UCLA Girls.  If UCLA hadn’t upgraded so thoroughly during Mollie’s tenure as Executive Director, especially the nine-member Dance Team, the trojan fans wouldn’t be up-in-arms.  And as some of YOU have pointed out, the trojans can’t avoid being inundated with more and more images of the gorgeous Bruin Girls than ever before… thanks to websites like this one. 

Wait a minute — ARE there any websites like this one?  No?  Then in that case, we would like to apologize to the sc Song Girls, if OUR intensive coverage of their Bruin counterparts has caused them all of this grief.  To prove our newfound lack of an evil agenda:  It would have been very, very easy to juxtapose comparative photos of Bruin and trojan Girls, selectively cherry-picking unflattering shots of the troy-lettes.  But we have not done that.  Fortunately, the current Bruins’ decided superiority is not in question, not even at Fig Tech, so no emotionally-devastating comparison-pictorial is called for.

If the sc Girls are not taking any consolation in this article, how about this:  Maybe the merciless “sc fans” who are taking these pot shots are actually slimy UCLA fans masquerading as trojans, just to be malicious.  There are definitely some Bruins who would happily sink that low.  And here are 9 more photos from the Fundraiser that seem to lend credence to the hypothesis that the trojan wails are actually just coming from Bruin troublemakers.  And if not, maybe these nice photos will get the trojan faithful to stop eating their young.

We’ll reserve the insults until they DESERVE it, like when they cheer for the wrong team.

Not to be crass, but:  Yeah, like ANY of those whiners would kick these Girls out of bed for eatin’ crackers.

Another bogus theory says that higher Academic Standards have lowered the caliber of prospective Song Girls.  Since their quality HASN’T really gone down, does that mean that the Academic Standards haven’t really gone up?

Maybe UCLA is setting an unreasonable standard, but do trojan fans really think these Girls aren’t adorable?

Wolf complains that the Selectors are stuck in the 70’s.  Okay, well what’s wrong with Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon?

Bad photography, bad lighting, bad pixel resolution… and she still looks pretty darn good.

Between the heart-wrenching comments by fans and the serious crimes and blatant cheating by Coaches and Players, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Song Girls actually went out on Strike.

I know what some of you are thinking, but I disagree.  There are plenty of guys (including a whole Race if you buy into stereotypes) who think everything about this shot is sexy, and btw, they looked even better in person.

This is The End for today, and again, before you judge:  In BIKINIS, even the incomparable Bruin Squad may not look like 100% airbrushed perfection from every angle.  I still think this photo looks great, and I hope the Song Girls don’t disagree.


5 responses to “SAVE THE WAILS”

  1. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan Hater,

    Yet another example of the idiocy of the Trojans. The USC song girls are beautiful even if they do dance for the Dark Side. Fin’s power rankings have the beautiful but misguided Trojan girls a distant second to UCLA and slightly ahead of Oregon for the top three slots. I’ll Google the rest of the holiday to get the rest of the PAC 10 rundown. It looks as if exposure to the best illegal drugs that South Central has to offer plus the finest booze from Rich Dad’s liquor cabinet has erased what few brain cells those SC bums had.

  2. James Avatar

    I def don’t think the USC Song Girls are that bad, and what kind of “fan base” would take pleasure in deriding the looks of their dance team.

    As for that, I have sent my Cal friend pictures of our dance team and he still claims that the Cal Dance Team is “more naturally beautiful.” I’m pretty sure he was drunk.

  3. JP Avatar

    I agree, t-h. I don’t think the Song Girls are that bad…but yes, in comparison to our Dance Team, it’s not close. BUT, noone really come close in the nation! The UCLA Dance Team has been on a whole other level these past few years (Whitney, Kylene, Chelsey, Elise, Katie, Brianna, et al….EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!) so it just wouldn’t be fair to compare.

    As I’ve said before, let’s just count our blessings.

    *And also, there are at least 2 blogs I know of that cover extensive pictures of the Song Girls…but I won’t advertise them here. But they do exist. However, they haven’t mobilized such a devoted and supportive group as this website has. WE LOVE AND ARE PROUD OF OUR GIRLS!!!!!!

    [T-H’s Note: Yes, there MAY be a couple of sites that also share Dance Team photos, but NONE of them SUPPORT the Team like I do, none of them have insightful captions, and none of them have thorough testimonials attesting to not just the physical qualities of the Girls, but to their personalities as well. There is a REASON why I am the one they come to when they want to attain a collection of photographs of themselves.]

  4. JC Avatar

    Agreed. The Song Girls may not be “as hot” as the UCLA Dance Team, but that’s not to say the Song Girls are unattractive. I actually have considered the recent Song Girls to be quite attractive; and to hear USC fans calling them out is very surprising. I feel bad for them; and I applaud this website for taking the correct stand on this issue.

  5. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    These girls are Beautiful! Trojans are never satisfied…….I like your take and defending these girls. you’re a nice guy!!!!!!!

    It’s hard to wear a bikini in public. I agree with you in the fact that they were photographed in their bikinis and sometimes it’s not as flattering as a cheerleadr outfit.