“The Juice?  Yes, and Gentiles, too.”

Way before it was fashionable, Mork from Ork put a cork in the dork-worshipping, looking up to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar instead

Some people are just ahead of their time.  Robin Williams was destined to be a Superstar, and it was apparent from the moment he put on a red spacesuit on “Happy Days.”  His guest role as the alien Mork from Ork was an instant classic, and led to the creation of his own spin-off, the sitcom “Mork & Mindy.”

The show ran from 1978 through 1982, often relying on Williams’ legendary improv ability – and nothing else – to be one of the funniest shows ever.  Williams, of course, has gone on to win critical acclaim for dramatic as well as comedic acting and performing, and to this day remains the hands down BEST late-night talk show guest.  Not Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Adam Sandler — None of them are anywhere near as entertaining as Robin Williams without a script.

Williams has that something extra, and he also seems to have a handle on what is going to transpire in the future.  Back during the sitcom, which is now being reprised on KDOC TV channel 56 (hence this article), there is an episode where Mork is in Jail, and he meets up with his psychotic friend Exidor.  While in the cell, Exidor tells Mork that he worships O.J. Simpson, as he moves his robes to reveal a #32 football jersey with trojan-red numerals.

After trying all Religions including Buddhism, Judaism, and Punch & Judaism, he instead “believes in The Juice!” Exidor tries to convert Mork, with the non-existant help of his imaginary followers named Merlin, Deacon, Bubba, and Too Tall, into a Born-Again Simpson, but Mork holds out.

When confessing his sins against Football, Mork admits that he sometimes thinks about Baseball, and that he “looks UP to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”  How perfect is it that in an episode that cuts trojan O.J. and his ego down to size, Bruin Kareem is put up on a pedestal?  Yes, we know that it is just a joke about his height, but still, how cool!!

Mork shuts down Exidor once and for all, by saying that O.J. is just a man, and football is just a game.  Well, he was right about the first part, anyway.

Anyone who thinks Football is just a game didn’t see the two NFL Playoff games yesterday.  Both Home Favorites got upset in exciting games that went down to the wire, and always looked winnable for the Hometown Heroes.  But Peyton Manning and Tony Romo failed in their final chances, allowing the San Diego Chargers and New York Giants to advance.  Manning actually threw a catchable LAST ball, but Dallas Clark couldn’t get a handle on it.  Maybe next time, Manning will throw to his Bruin Tight End Bryan Fletcher instead — Fletcher would have caught that ball, and New England wouldn’t be quite as much of a lock to win it all as they are now.  Romo didn’t have a Receiver to blame — He just threw a bad Interception in the end zone, into major coverage.  Maybe it wasn’t as bad as when he dropped that extra point attempt, but bad enough to keep him and Jessica Simpson from becoming America’s new Royal Family… at least for another year.