Trojans get spanked again — The BCS votes to take u$c’s tainted 2004 Title away, making the “One-peat” a “No, Pete”

Don’t look now, but the hated BCS finally got something right:  They have VACATED the 2004 BCS Title, stripping cheating u$c of the honor.

What took so long, you ask?  Well, the BCS decided to wait until sc exhausted all their appeal/legal options, and with the Appeal being denied last month, the BCS finally called for a vote.  The heads of all 12 Conferences put their heads together, and came up with the correct call.

Interestingly, the BCS is NOT waiting for the Todd McNair lawsuit to conclude.  The trojan Assistant Coach who was implicated in Bushgate, just yesterday initiated legal proceedings against the NCAA, but since u$c is not joining up forces with McNair in this effort, the BCS is not going to consider its outcome as a factor.

One question about this lawsuit:  Now that it is in REAL Court, and not just an NCAA proceeding, will the NCAA be able to FORCE Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll to testify under oath, and could that lead to felonious Perjury indictments against the (allegedly) biggest trojan liars of all?  Is this the reason that McNair is receiving no support from the University?  What kind of dirt is about to be uncovered?

U$C Athletic Director Pat Haden says that this BCS stripping was not unexpected, and that the trojans will cooperate with any ramifications.  However, whether or not they return the crystal trophy is yet to be seen.  They already gave up Bush’s Heisman, but the trophy comes from an entity distinct from the BCS, so the decision on that repo operation is still not as clear as crystal.

Now that the BCS has done the right thing, the spotlight shines on the idiots at the Associated Press, who are refusing to strike sc off their list of National Champions.  Of course, the AP is LED by an ex-trojan, so don’t expect them to come in line with logical and intelligent thinkers.

And of course, Haden is capitalizing on the AP’s ridiculous non-decision, saying that u$c will still refer to 2004 as a National Championship season.  NATURALLY — U$c wins by cheating, gets CAUGHT, and still claims to have won.  This is typical of the trojan mentality, and it is the reason why they continue to be the most despised University in the Country, and a National laughingstock.


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  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Great title as usual T-H!!

    Too bad there isn’t a pic of carroll and garrett spanking each other…

    Love the blurb Haden and the AP championship. It’s right up there with the 1939 one or whatever year it was that garrett claimed a few years ago. They all deserve one another.

    poll on!