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We coulda been a contender — While the Sons of Westwood get Brando’d as bums with one-way tickets to Palookaville, the Daughters of Westwood are driving a Streetcar Named Desire

The Guys and Dolls of UCLA are going in different directions.  It seems to be Apocalypse Now for the boys, as Rick “The Godfather” Neuheisel is on an Island, and may be facing his Last Tango, if not a Mutiny. Even The Freshman Superman cannot help him avoid the big Sayonara.  But The Wild Ones known as the Spirit Squad are doing just fine, and are actually gaining momentum.

No offense to the lovely girls of the University of Texas cheerleading squad, but if you were at the game on Saturday and saw the Longhorn girls, you can’t help but appreciate how lucky we Bruins are to have what we have.  From the outfits, to the hair and make-up, to the way they carry themselves and perform, there is just simply NO comparison.  It’s easy to take our girls for granted, especially after a solid decade of unparalleled and unflinching excellence, but sometimes seeing what other schools have to offer really reminds us of how fortunate we are.

After two games, many fans have lost faith in the Football Team and especially in the Coaching Staff, but no one is complaining about the new incarnation of the Spirit Squad.  With the returnees looking better than ever, and the new girls adding even more glamour and grace, the Squad is now the highlight of the weekly trip to Pasadena.

After Tommy Lasorda failed to motivate the Football team to victory with his pep talk, he admitted that he’s always been a trojan, and he hopes that U$C is not mad at him for trying to help UCLA.  How come I knew that Lasorda was never a Bruin fan, but Neuheisel didn’t?  How could Neuheisel have an ENEMY of UCLA try to give them a pep talk?  Who’s next?  O.J.?  It is decisions like this that have Dan Guerrero accepting applications for Neuheisel’s replacement.  I used to think that Neuheisel understood the Rivalry, but how could I think that when Neuheisel holds a degree from the U$C School of Law?  I should have known from that one fact that this was never going to work.  Next year’s coach will probably have no ties whatsoever to UCLA, just because the last two were Bruin alums who both turned out to be failures.  Guerrero is unlikely to make the same mistake thrice.

The next pep talk should be delivered by Spirit Squad Director Mollie — She always seems to get the BEST out of her students.

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"ON THE DAUGHTERFRONT" was published on September 20th, 2011 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  2. UCLADal wrote,

    Some of your best ever T-H! Thank you and GO BRUINS!

  3. ApacheZulu wrote,

    How come you guys never take a picture of the African-American girl?

    [T-H’s Note: That’s a fair question, but I have a good answer. You’re talking about Maya, whom I love, and who is one of the nicest, sweetest members of the Dance Team. And yes, I do think she’s beautiful. I have posted photos of Maya before, but not that many. The only reason for that is that she never seems to be positioned right in front of me. My best photos are of girls who are directly in front of my camera, very close to me. HOWEVER — I do have lots of unpublished photos of Maya, many of which I will post for you VERY SOON. I will even send you an e-mail when I do, so that you don’t miss it. I’m sorry if you think that I have been discriminating against Maya — I promise, it wasn’t intentional.]

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