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“Be gentle, O.J.”

Another guilty trojan O.J. gets off:  Mayo bends over, but avoids spanking, despite blatantly defying NCAA Rules, and will only have to donate $460 to his favorite charity (The Floyd Foundation for Lying SCumbags?)

Does “O.J.” stand for “Obliterate Justice?”

First, trOJan Hero O.J. Simpson commits the most serious of all violations and escapes punishment, and now, new trOJan Hero O.J. Mayo commits the least serious of violations, and also escapes Justice.

Instead of getting suspended like many players in the past who have broken this level of regulation, Mayo simply has to pay the Face Value of the Laker tickets he was given to any charity he wants.  That means $460, instead of the $2000 that the seats are actually worth.  Shouldn’t he have to pay what he would have had to pay – as a non-connected individual – to actually attain those seats?  You can’t just go to the Staples Center Box Office and pick up those seats.  They are sold out before the season even starts, and are scalped for thousands, or gifted to VIP’s.  But no regular Joe can get them for $460. 

But, do you expect the NCAA to actually enforce the Rules against usc with any Balls?  And, would it really matter?  What’s $460 when you’re getting $3000 a month in cash?  That’s what Reggie Bush was getting, according to the soon-to-be SWORN TESTIMONY of the guy who gave it to him every week.  And that was a few years ago, and Reggie (who will be subpoenaed in February, btw) wasn’t trying to build an entire Program from the ground up like Mayo is, so $3000 might be a conservative estimate.  As if Mayo is actually going to pay the fine himself.  As if.  Maybe he’ll keep punching his teammates in the face, until they chip in the dough.

How do you think the folks at the NCAA feel, as sc continues to bitchslap them right in the face with their complete and total disregard for the Rules?  Do you think ANYONE there is aware of all the different troy SCandals, or is each incident given to a different investigator, and none of them ever share info with any other agents, so no one person knows the massive scope of  the sc criminal empire?

The rumors abound that the NCAA is treading lightly with O.J., as they prepare a massive blitzkrieg against the entire sc Athletic Department.  Apparently, the NCAA is more upset over being LIED to by Tim Floyd, than by the actual transgression.  Floyd first told them that he didn’t know about the tickets, then changed his story and said that he actually gave Mayo permission to break the Rules, with his blessing.  Floyd wanted to take the rap, saying that if anyone should be suspended, it’s him, not Mayo.  Well??  Where’s the Suspension?  Even Floyd thought that it was probably warranted.  But, no, the trojans get to have all their weapons when they play in Eugene tonight.  With Mayo and Floyd both participating, the trOJans are likely to get a huge win, as the Ducks will still be dejected after losing such an emotional game to UCLA and Kevin Love on Thursday night.

Final thought of the day:  We bet that Mayo has spent more time Courtside in Staples Center this year than Deskside in a Classroom.  Ssssh.  Quiet — You wouldn’t want anyone at the NCAA to hear.

"O.J. PAYO" was published on January 26th, 2008 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Sports Photos.

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  1. Brent Fishman wrote,

    You know something like this isn’t right. I know personally allot of athletes who still play for UCLA both football and basketball have been given allot more then just one or two court side tickets. Nothing here was illigal. Melo gives tickets away all the time and the NCAA actually got it wrong on the by law in which they state “student-athletes may not receive free or reduced-cost admission to professional athletics contests from professional sports organizations, unless such services also are available to the student body in general.”. However Melo ALWAYS gives tickets out and thus since he does give it to the general public. Normally i have no problems with whats stated but this one isnt right… By the way if you think im a SCum fan look up my website which is my MySpace page and not only will you see some of the UCLA bruins i personally know but also a UCLA tat on my back.

  2. t-h wrote,

    Brent —

    It doesn’t matter who you root for, because either way, you are just flat out wrong.

    Mayo knowingly broke the SPIRIT of the rule, then Floyd lied about it to cover it up, but the NCAA busted O.J. anyway. They just undervalued the tickets by $1500, so the Mayo Family’s tax write-off for the donation isn’t going to be as large as it should have been. That’s assuming, of course that they even file tax returns, and knowing typical trOJans with emotional issues like Mayo, it’s very possible that the family could be pulling a Wesley Snipes, at least until he starts getting paid OVER-the-table.

    And we think that you should have your tattoo removed, because NO TRUE BRUIN would ever take the time to write a letter defending a total SCumbag like Mayo, who, by the way, just pledged to go out and search for the Real Scalpers.

  3. UCLADavid wrote,

    Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This just posted on L.A. Times website:

    [O.J.] Mayo’s father, Kenny Ziegler, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver Friday in Huntington, W.Va., according to a report by WSAZ, an NBC television affiliate based in Huntington.

    According to the report, Ziegler, 36, fled the scene of an automobile accident on foot before being apprehended by police, who found a half a pound of marijuana and seven small baggies.

    Ziegler was arraigned in Cabell County (W.Va.) Magistrate Court and bond was set at $111,000, according to the report. He was placed in the Western Regional jail.

    Mayo had been cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession last March in Huntington after the drug was found in a car in which he was riding. The citation was later dismissed after another man riding in the car claimed possession of the marijuana.

  4. t-h wrote,


    Funny, he doesn’t look it!

    No wonder his parents let him go to sc — They were probably plastered at the time, or maybe they just wanted to hook up with MR. WEED himself, sc’s mascot, Snoop Dogg.

  5. Brent wrote,

    No what im defending is whats right and whats not. He should be ruled ineligible for what he did in HS this past year. Only reason why im defending this is becuase Melo donates tickets to needy kids in his home town to go to games. If he didnt do that and only was given to OJ2 i would have no problem in what you are saying. Not to mention after this you really think the IRS isn’t going to audit them right away if they do claim it? Im in NO WAY defending OJ2 im defending what the NCAA states. Not to mention if i was UCLA why are you not going after Norton with a slander lawsuit for everything he states when trying to get people to go to SCum?

  6. t-h wrote,

    Brent —

    With all due respect to a fellow Bruin: Carmelo gives out tickets to needy kids because his ACCOUNTANT has instructed him to do so, in order to have enough tax write-offs. O,J, is NOT a needy kid, so once again what we have here is a blatant violation of NCAA policy.

    As for Norton, we DID do everything we could to deter UCLA from hiring him, including having readers send letters to the Head Coach and Athletic Director, telling them what a SCumbag Norton is. Maybe it worked, because he’s the ONLY guy that Neuheisel supposedly went after but FAILED to attain. Since Neuheisel doesn’t FAIL, we must assume that he didn’t persevere on Norton like he did with Chow. And the reason for his hasty retreat? Maybe it was the groundswell of anti-support from our grass roots effort (Yeah, right).

  7. Woochifer wrote,

    Speaking of O.J., here’s a rather jawdropping “before” photo of Orenthal from his early days, courtesy of TMZ.

    And here’s TMZ’s “after” photo, something a bit more familiar to all of us.

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