Please vote for my friend Caroline for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door

Have you always wanted to support this website without spending a dime?  Well, here’s your chance.  A good friend of mine is entered in PETA’s contest to select the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door, and I’d appreciate it greatly if you took 2 minutes out of your busy schedule to go to their site and place a vote for Caroline.  There are two Caroline’s, so make sure you vote for the one who is posing with bunnies (and wearing nothing but a couple of cabbage leaves and some lettuce.

I’m sure you will enjoy perusing the photos of her competitors, but make sure you vote only for Caroline, at

Thanks!!  She could win a trip to Hawaii, and maybe if I raise enough votes for her, she’ll take me with her!  🙂  Okay, that isn’t happening, but maybe she’ll send me a postcard.