Wet Dream — Bruins drown trojans 38-28 in the rain, starting off with a 24-0 deluge, then icing it with a ballsy, aggressive TD drive (instead of just trying “not to lose” by grinding down the clock)

The sun will come out, to Mora… And if you bet your bottom dollar on sc, you would have lost it, Daddy Warbucks.

What a difference a year makes.  And a Coach makes.  Jim Mora outcoached Lane Kiffin on Saturday, taking a less talented but more motivated group of players, and upsetting u$c in the Rose Bowl to win the Pac-12 South.  UCLA ended a 5-game drought to their Rivals, as the fired-up Bruins intercepted overrated Matt Barkley on the game’s very first play from scrimmage, and rolled out to a 24-0 lead in the 1st half.  Led by the super-poised Brett Hundley  (234 yards passing, 1 TD, plus 2 TD’s rushing) and Jonathan Franklin (171 yards rushing and 2 TD’s), the Bruin offense continuously converted big third downs, and put up 406 yards of Total Offense for the game.

But sc came back strong, scoring 20 straight points, cutting the lead to 24-20.  The Bruins scored again, but sc countered with another TD and a 2-point conversion to cut the lead to three.  There were about 7 minutes left in the game.  Terry Donahue and Rick Neuheisel would have kept the ball on the ground to use up clock, and would have been stuffed.  But Mora’s staff dialed up a pass on 1st down, and kept it creative to march all the way down the field.  Even though time was a factor, UCLA did NOT abandon the no-huddle Offense, because sc was struggling with the tempo.  And the decision worked, as a Jonathan Franlin 13-yard scamper made it 38-28 with 4 minutes left.

Sc still had a chance, but the Defense held on.  A brutal sack by Anthony Barr knocked Barkley out of the game with 2:20 left, which led to a troy Field Goal try with 94 seconds left, to cut it to a one-possession game.  But Sheldon Price came flying in from an end, and blocked the kick.  That pretty much clinched the game.  Sc got the ball back and drove, but couldn’t get in the end zone, and time expired.  Eric Kendricks might have been the Defensive MVP, getting a pick, a blocked punt, and leading the team with 10 tackles.

Here are 8 pics from the rainy game, with more coming in a couple of days.




  1. UCLADal Avatar

    GO BRUINS! T-H!!! A grand and glorious day for the Bruins and the rest of the free world!

    Hey trojans: see what happens when you play with the ball inflated… GO BRUINS!

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    P.S. CCR’s Who’ll Stop The Rain will get a spin or two today!

  3. dswenson Avatar

    So happy our BRUINS brought down the house of troy! It was wonderful to not see Matt, cabana boy, Barkley smirking. He looked like he had aged a lot after the first series when he got intercepted. Lame Kitten looked younger than Matt did. Anyway, GREAT GAME and GO BRUINS!!!!

  4. JC Avatar

    Another big step for UCLA. For sc, a disappointing year could not happen to a more deserving program. And, Lame will likely be around for at least 1 more year. Fantastic!

    The win is definite cause for celebration. But understand Bruin fans, this game is not enough for UCLA to take over the town. That’s not possible in one game after having lost 13 of the last 14. To do that, UCLA must have major, NATIONAL success – they must win the Rose Bowl at a minimum. That is what it will take for the recruiting tide to turn against sc, and without that, there will not be consistent success against sc.

    So when you all brag about the game to your sc friends and acquaintances, keep it in perspective, and show at least a little class. Do not become what you detest! The Bruins are just getting started on the path to reclaiming control from the dark side.

  5. Eric Avatar

    Mora needs to be the nations coach of the year

  6. JC Avatar

    Actually, it was 12 out of 13. Hopefully that becomes a distant memory.

  7. Jimbo Avatar

    I didn’t mind coming home soaking wet yesterday without a voice…it was well worth it!!!

  8. jp Avatar

    What a great weekend!!!!!!! Let’s make this an annual event. Go Bruins! I looove our school, our team, our coach.

    And of course our Dance Team who showed continued dominance over those Song Girls…seriously, what happened to the Song Girls? did anyone see the kind of squad they have? yikes!

    I’m just loving the misery over there in southern cal.

  9. BL Avatar

    Ha ha. They were right about their “unfinished business” . . . it was a LOSS to the Bruins!!!

    What a great game!!!

  10. CLo Avatar

    Great short article (expect a longer writeup soon!). Was at the game and I still don’t think my clothes are dry…

    One small correction, you wrote: “Jim Mora outcoached Lane Kiffin on Saturday, taking a less talented but more motivated group of players”.

    I would argue our players are not less talented. Maybe “less heralded” coming out of high school using that star system ranking for recruits, sure, $C recruits had 5 stars everywhere and we had 3-4 star. But the NFL has just as many 3-4 star recruits who blow up in college as 5 stars who actually pan out (versus flame out). Think Matt Leinart. And now Matt Barkley who has been exposed as Matty Ballroom II. They’ll throw the same number of meaningful passes in the NFL, basically only when the starter is hurt.

    One thing is for sure, I’ll take the talent on our team this Saturday over any of the Trogans (okay, I’ll make an exception for Lee, he’s a beast).

  11. bruin86 Avatar

    Bruins are getting better each week! What an accomplishment! Such a young team with amazing potential. I was at the game at Berkeley and Bruins made about 10 mistakes and I told my son, if they focus on eliminating mistakes and working hard they will be very good! Yes!

    Next, beat Stanford!

    Go Bruins! Fight! Fight! Fight!