Go ask Marilyn Alice, when they’re ten feet tall.

Kelly’s Heroes.

Burstyn out:  Gritty ex-UCLA Dance-Teamer’s all-girl group “Marilyn Alice” is going places


UCLA Dance-Teamer Update:  Kelly is a former UCLA Dance Team Member from the 2005-6 era, when the Dance Team was starting to be widely recognized as the Nation’s Hottest, and she is in an all-girl band called “Marilyn Alice.”

Kelly and her 3 band mates are all gorgeous platinum blondes, hence their previous moniker, “Platinum Angels.”  They may have eschewed that handle, but they kept the “num” intact.  In fact, you could say that they doubled up the num factor, up to “num, num.”  The nummy truth is that they just may make you feel comfortably num(b), even before you hear them play music.

But when you actually get past their stunning hotness, and actually listen to the music, that’s when you realize that this group may be good for the ears as well as the eyes.  The peppy number “Boom Boom” defies even White people to dance.  Marilyn Alice is certain to be a staple at Dance Clubs and Dance Mix Radio Stations around the Globe.

Now that Marilyn Alice is getting more exposure, it’s only a matter of time before they completely take over the Music Industry, dominate iTunes, and become perennial multiple-Grammy winners.  So now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.  Some day you’ll be able to say that you were listening to Marilyn Alice before it was cool to do so.

Here’s a link…


…or please Google them to find their Facebook and Twitter pages, and their song on iTunes, which is presently available for download.  Also, you can find their music videos on YouTube, including one of the Laker Girls performing to “Boom Boom.”

[Side note:  I received some conflicting information about the band, so I removed part of this article.  I am in no position to take sides between two Bruins, but all I can safely (I hope) say is that there was ANOTHER Bruin/Laker Girl who was instrumental in the budding success of the band, whom I think I insulted by not mentioning.  She doesn’t want credit by name (it’s not about that), but everyone should know that her contributions are NOT in dispute.]