UCLA Football shows first-strike capability; UCLA Cheerleaders are simply striking — Celebrating the Labor Day holiday with the perfect Union of Football and Spirit photos which show that no Bruins seemed to Labor in the Pasadena heat on Saturday while turning in impressive debut performances

Recuperating on Sunday from the excitement of a big victory for the UCLA Football team, a tremendously successful coming out party for the 2013-14 UCLA Spirit Squad, and an all-nighter of selecting and editing the best of 750 event photos sets up a lazy Labor Day of… editing more photos to share, and maybe watching the game replay.  It’s always fun to re-watch a victory (and almost impossible to re-view a loss), and as I’ve said many times, poring over Cheerleader photos for me is the definition of “A Labor of Love.”

I don’t have much to add to yesterday’s recap of the game.  Maybe a shout-out is in order for three TRUE Freshman defenders who were very active and productive:  Eddie Vanderdoes, Myles Jack, and Deon Hollins.  Otherwise, nothing beyond what I have already reported has been brought up in the aftermath of the game that needs to be re-hashed.  So, in lieu of further analysis, let’s get back to the matter at hand:  Sharing more game and Cheer photos from Saturday…  Click on the photos to enlarge/zoom, and feel free to send in your (positive) comments.