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Win one of these UCLA Keychains — Just predict the winner of March Madness, and you could win your choice of these top-quality UCLA keyrings from

With UCLA not participating in the NCAA Tournament this year, a lot of Bruin fans are barely paying attention.  With no vested interest, it’s hard to get too excited.  The only thing Bruin fans might have been rooting for is for Duke to lose, which they already did, and for the 4 Bruin transfers to go down, which they all already did.  So that leaves a couple of Coaches to root against — namely John Calipari and Rick Pitino, and maybe one school — North Carolina, because they have had so much success in the past, and Bruin fans don’t want anyone stockpiling Titles.

So what else is there?  Well, now there is a little something on the line for you, if you desire.  I have in my possession two beautiful UCLA Keychains, courtesy of, and I am going to give them both away to the two readers who win this March Madness contest.  All you have to do is write in before the Sweet Sixteen gets under way on Thursday, and predict the ultimate 2012 National Champions.  As a tiebreaker, predict their Margin of Victory in the Championship game.

So all you have to do is SUBMIT A COMMENT at the end of this article, with your chosen team and number, e.g. “Lehigh by 10.”  After you win, I will ask you which keychain you prefer, and you can tell me where to ship it.  Of course, there is no purchase necessary, and it will be mailed to you for free.  The next closest guess will receive the other keychain.  If no one guesses the correct team, I will award the prizes to whoever’s team advances the furthest, with the Margin of Victory in the Title game still being the tiebreaker.

Both of these keychains from are of the highest quality.  I own three of them myself.  The one with the black background is stamped on the back as Officially licensed, and the one with the white background is Made in the USA, and has been engraved with “” on the back.  They are both finely-crafted products, sharp-looking, but with no sharp edges, and definitely worthy of holding any of your keys.  Any Bruin would be proud to whip these out of their pockets.

So please enter the contest (1 entry per person), and tell your friends to enter too.  What have you got to lose?  You’ll even get bragging rights for beng a smart Basketball fan, when you win.  And you will know where you stand, because there won’t be that many entries, and they will all be posted for everyone to see in advance.  Even if there is only one entry TOTAL, they will win, even if their team loses on Thursday.  No surprises.  If there are two or more entries that are identical, or have teams that advance equally as far, and they are equally close to the Margin of Victory, and they are tied for the win, the one submitted first would win, so I recommend entering as soon as possible, and I suggest checking the previous entries prior to making your submission.

Good luck!

"KEY(CHAIN) TO VICTORY" was published on March 17th, 2012 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, Non-Rivalry News, Non-Rivalry Photos.

Comments on "KEY(CHAIN) TO VICTORY": 13 Comments

  1. Marissa wrote,

    Kentucky by 8

  2. Barnes2Stokes wrote,

    Michigan State by 7

  3. JosephineBruin wrote,

    Cincinatti by 5

  4. Rick wrote,

    UCLA by…oh yeah…wait…
    Michigan State by 3

  5. JC wrote,

    Ohio State by 3. Calipari actually has to win one before I’ll believe he can.

  6. bruin75 wrote,

    Both keychains look great. Congrat to the winners. Too bad we can’t vote for UCLA! Later on!

    Kentucky by 10

    Thanks Trojan-Haters

  7. Richard Murphy wrote,

    Kentucky by 13.

  8. Dr.Bruin wrote,

    UNC by 5.

  9. Dave wrote,

    Kentucky by 4!

  10. Bruinelle wrote,

    Kentucky by 5

  11. Kenneth wrote,

    Syracuse by 5.

  12. UCLAL wrote,

    Michigan State by 6

  13. Harbor Bruin wrote,

    North Carolina by 5

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