Aunt Jemima is a Bruin?

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Breakfast of Champions:  Needing more pancake blocks, UCLA’s Football team barely beat unranked Stanford, but the pre-game rally is #1 in the Nation (and the Spirit Squad photos are selling like hotcakes)

It’s nice to celebrate a thrilling, last-minute win, but don’t get too syrupy, and don’t stack it too high…  The Bruins beat STANFORD at home, and needed 59 minutes and 50 seconds to do it.  Like in the Tennessee game, the Bruins showed character that is likely to find a home in Westwood during the Neuheisel regime, as the Bruins, despite struggling on Offense for most of the game, played with supreme confidence in the final two minutes, on the Kevin Craft-directed, game-winning 87-yard drive.

Even the UCLA Defense did not perform up to their own expectations on Saturday (until when it REALLY mattered), giving up way too many yards on the ground, to Tailback Toby Gerhart, and to alternate QB Alex Loukas.  Even when they “knew” they were going to run, the Bruins couldn’t bring down the runners on first contact.  The Cardinal ballcarriers kept gaining yards until two or three defenders got to them.  On the flip side, the Cardinal got virtually nothing through the air.  They failed to exploit Mike Norris or anyone else in the Secondary.  But they still got too fancy for their own good.  Stanford might’ve won the game if they had just kept pounding the ball instead of worrying about misdirection and variety.

UCLA is now 3-4, on their way to Cal for a tough road game.  The Bears were exposed by Arizona on Saturday, but the Bears have lots of talent, they will be mad, not complacent.  And the Bruins didn’t fare too well against the Wildcats either.

Here are 27 more photos, of the game, the Bruin Cheerleaders, and the Stanford Cheerleaders.  Try hard to be respectful in your comments, and remember that some things go without saying.

Verner’s Fumble Recovery Celebration Dance.

They were in Craft’s face all day, and he didn’t always utilize his safety valve in time.

It wasn’t easy for Craft to get this ball to Moya.

See the ball in the top left?  Craft got it out just before the pocket collapsed, as it usually did.

Even though back-up QB Alex Loukas ran it almost every time he was inserted, the Bruins still couldn’t contain him.

The Final Gasp:  This is Stanford’s Hail Mary as time expired.

And now, on to the main course…

Even Chris Markey would have trouble finding yards with this Line.

The very definition of the word “defintion.”

Finally — The propped-up Cheer Squad getting some props.

Sometimes I get carried away…

… but don’t you just love these girls?

They can keep all the pancake make-up across town — it’s not needed in Westwood.

It’s okay, they’re not laughing AT you, they’re laughing WITH you.

… or is it the other way around?

Invisible shelf, suitcase, and waitress tray — Awesomely-thorough choreography.

… and even more in sync than Craft and Embree.

… that’s why it has to be “sync or swim” at the auditions.

The squad did not become #1 overnight — The legacy of greatness has been building for years.

In crunchtime, Stanford failed to execute.

Why the axe man?  Don’t ax me, I don’t know.

Getting back to the Pancake theme, what even happened to Mrs. Butterworth?

The Stanford Cheerleaders performed with each song of their band’s halftime show  (Yes, this is a hint for you-know-who).

…and in this case, they were dancing to a show dedicated solely to trojan-bashing.

If the glove fits…

…it’s usually someone making me a sandwich.

The last one for today  — Don’t forget to go to the Bruins’ Spirit Squad photo page to check out official shots and posters.


3 responses to “HOTCAKES!”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Wow, those Stanford cheerleaders are some of the most gorgeous in college, specially that ‘full-figure’ gal. They sure do a great job recruiting them. Speaking of recruiting, does UCLA Spirit recruit cheerleaders? This is a serious question, because I went to the Los Osos game last Friday to see future UCLA QB Richard Brehaut, and I must point out that those cheerleaders from Los Osos not only wear almost the same uniforms as the Bruins, but I saw several candidates that have a striking resemblense to UCLA legends like Chelsey and Whitney and present greats such as Michelle, Katie, Elise and Brianna, not only in looks but also in talent, and I’m being serious. If they recruit, I would strongly recommend to Mollie a visit to Los Osos.

  2. BruLew Avatar

    Like they say, 9 out of 10 women in California are beautiful and the 10th goes to Stanford!

  3. Patrick Avatar

    that chunky Stanford girl would be pretty good for our OL.