Wooden can’t define obscenity, but he knows it when he sees it.

Wooden once told UCLA’s Wooden Center to either remove Warhol’s “OJ d’arte,” or remove Wooden’s name… and HE had the juice to get rid of The Juice

From the very day that this web site was conceived, it was a sadly-accepted given:  Our all-time Hero John Wooden would probably not approve.  Coach Wooden is WAY too mature to condone such negativity and animosity, even if it’s done satirically. 

When we report on the SCandals at Fig Tech, Wooden probably would say shame on us for celebrating their misery, and that their troubles reflect badly on all of us;  And when we post photos of sexy Cheerleaders — even WITHOUT the kick shots — he probably thinks they are too racy and unwholesome (we’ve SEEN the ankle-length skirts they wore in HIS day).  And that’s 90% of our content.

But there is, NOW, at least ONE article/campaign that we have been going on about for years, with which Wooden probably agrees:  The issue of O.J. Simpson’s jersey being proudly displayed in the Coliseum.

According to Adam Rose, a tour during UCLA Day this weekend revealed that after O.J. became famous for something a lot more important than slicing through Defensive Backfields, John Wooden took his own personal stand against the trojan Hero:  He decided to tackle him himself, and he literally brought him down.

When Wooden was informed that there was an Andy Warhol portrait of the acquitted double-murderer still hanging inside the Wooden Center, he called UCLA, and issued them a simple, straightforward ultimatum:  Either take down the offending piece (and we DO mean “piece”), or take Wooden’s name off the building.

Is that the greatest use of extortion that you’ve ever heard?  UCLA immediately (we’re interpolating here) hocked the Warhol exhibit (which included about 9 other separate Sports portraits), and replaced them with a black and white photography exhibit.

It is extremely pleasing that Wooden apparently made up his own mind about Simpson’s “innocence,” instead of just swallowing the original “verdict.”  It’s either THAT, or Wooden takes the UCLA-usc Rivalry a lot more intensely that we suspected.  If he did, he might actually LIKE this site after all.  But much more likely, is that Wooden’s sharp mind has a solid understanding of the meaning of irrefutable DNA evidence.  Either way, we’ll take it.

And speaking of the Rivalry, congratulations to the UCLA Men’s Tennis Team, who just advanced to the Final Four, by KNOCKING OUT the trojans.  And congratulations to the Bruin Women’s Tennis Team, who also eliminated the trojans from postseason play.  It looks like the UCLA Womens’ Water Polo team, who won Title #101 by beating sc in the Final, started a very satisfying trend.

And speaking of starting satisfying trends, here are 7 more photos of UCLA’s 2005 Dance Team, because it was around that time when people started noticing that the Cheerleader Rivalry Balance of Power had shifted completely to UCLA, with thanks again to Adam Rose for sharing the info.  By the way, he also shares some preliminary info on the planned renovation of Pauley Pavilion, which is to include adding the much-needed three times as many restrooms as there are now.  That change in itself will increase the amount of return customers from the Alumni section — But getting them up on their feet to CHEER will be up to Jrue.Goodness gracious, sakes alive!

Thank goodness for “backing up” files, since a trojan horse virus just wiped out about 10,000 originals, like all the photos from this event in ‘05.

Four-ever Fine

Graduated, but still with UCLA, “in Spirit.”

This was back in the day before the trojans started to admit that their own song girls couldn’t hold a candle to UCLA’s Girls.

Okay, go ahead — You can now call it the Vehling Dynasty.

As long as we survive, we’ll keep ‘05 alive.



  1. scrubsoth Avatar


    another great spread of the 2005-2006 squad. thank you very much. im glad you cater to the request of your readers. you are truly the man.

  2. Soulja Avatar

    Thunder storm warning…

    [t-h’s note: Huh?]

  3. jp Avatar

    This was such a great squad too. It doesn’t seem so long ago.

    But yes, the UCLA Dance Team is a dynasty indeed. UCLA Dance Team vs USC Song Girl isn’t even close…actually, it hasn’t been close for many years now. Ours is the undisputed winner by a mile. Not even close!