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I have a feeling all you out-of-staters are going to move here to California, after viewing these 60 photos from the 2014 Miss CaliforniaUSA and Miss CaliforniaUSA TEEN pageants

California is the land where dreams come true — The land of happy endings, and where I’m going to live happily ever after.  California has it all, and if you go tour the other 49 states, maybe Florida, Hawaii, and a couple of other places come close, but when it comes to girls, the Beach Boys had it right.  California Girls can’t be beat.

This fact was on display this weekend in Long Beach, where the Miss CaliforniaUSA and Miss CaliforniaUSA Teen pageants were held.  The event consists of Swimsuit and Evening Gown competitions, as well as interviews to assess facets of personality.  Today, I will be focusing on swimsuits, just by random coincidence.  🙂

You will also see the winners of this year’s pageant, featured above and below, with their tiaras in place.  And NO, I did not agree with the decisions, as my favorite contestant was not selected.  However, I was not privy to the interview sessions, just the final two questions asked of the ten finalists.  Despite my protestations, the ultimate winners were definitely in my personal Top Ten for their respective categories.  The Teen winner was the most engaging (and least shallow) in her answers.  The Miss Cal winner lost my vote when she answered the question supplied by Judge (and former Dodger) F.P. Santangelo, who asked if she thought marijuana should be legalized.  She announced that it was illegal now, and she thinks it should remain so.  I disagree with both halves of that statement, but at least she expressed her opinion with heart and sincerity.  And she certainly looked good in her gown and swimsuit, so I am not bitter about her anointment as the new title-holder.  That being said, MY personal favorite would have blown away all the finalists if given a chance to answer the final questions.  She is so much deeper, more intelligent, and way more eloquent than all of them combined.

But I’m not bitter.  My friend (the contestant) and I both had a great time in Long Beach, socializing and enjoying the excitement of the festivity.  And to show that I am not holding a grudge, here are 60 photos of various contestants of both pageants, including the new tiara-owners.