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Maximum Bush — Reggie’s got a high-heeled pump shoe-phone.

Two days after his wannabe Agent spills Bush’s Baked Beans to the NCAA, Reggie says “Nein, nein!” to his CHIEF Marketing Rep.

First it was Vince Young who stole his thunder, now it’s Adrian Peterson.

In response to the annointing of Rookie Sensation Adrian Peterson as the new official Media Darling, ex-trojan Reggie Bush has fired his Agent, Mike Ornstein.  The timing couldn’t be more suspicious, as Peterson just broke the All-Time NFL Record for yardage in a game this weekend.  Every Football TV Show is talking about Peterson, most saying that he’s the best back to come out of College in YEARS.  Each one of these commentaries is a slap in the face to Bush, who never lived up to his potential since coming to the Saints.

But instead of holding his own lack of Rushing production — not to mention Bushgate — to blame for his lackluster public image, he is apparently blaming Mike Ornstein.  Ornstein has Reggie’s face plastered all over the airwaves, but has shown questionable judgement in Sponsor Selection.  He has put Bush in a Sub Shop, making fast-food “quality” sandwiches with plastic packets of slimy meat;  He’s got him pimping environment-devastating Hummers; And he’s got him carrying Peyton Manning’s jockstrap across various endeavors.  That last one is quite an accomplishment, because without Ornstein, Bush COULDN’T carry Manning’s jock.

So maybe it had nothing to do with falling permanently into A.P.’s shadow — maybe it was due to hooking him up with a bunch of dubious product lines.  But there is ANOTHER PROBABILITY —

Lloyd Lake just met with the NCAA this week, and details weren’t released, but Lake said that he had proof that not just Lake gave illegal funds to the Bushes, but ORNSTEIN DID TOO.  A while back there was some controversy over a loan that one of Ornstein’s pawns had given to Bush, but Ornstein CLAIMED ignorance of the NCAA Rules.  Perhaps Lake has a recording of Ornstein admitting that he knew about the Rules, and didn’t care.  Or maybe, Bush found out that Ornstein is going to come clean with the NCAA like Lake did.  Based on the TIMING, it is certainly not far-fetched to think that the NCAA investigation has something to do with Bush’s allegedly sudden decision to ax his buddy, who claims, even after he got the news of his firing, that the two are still good friends.  That sort of defies the logic that Ornstein is going to roll on Bush, but he’s an AGENT, so just because he SAYS that they’re still friends, doesn’t make it so.

The only thing we know for sure is that Bush just made an arbitrary decision that is going to cost Ornstein millions and millions of dollars — Now is that any way to treat a good friend?  It is when you’re a trOJan.

Day 1 of the O.J. Hearing was yesterday.  It is going as expected, with the witnesses fingering O.J., and O.J.’s lawyer insisting that the unsavory witnesses are just trying to make a buck.   The thing is, even though that lawyer is correct, there should STILL be enough evidence to at least take the case to trial, if not get the ultimate “make-up call,” a conviction on a Felony.


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