One Shining Moment.

S.weet C.harity:  It may be S.C., but an event that helps severely-injured athletes get into the school (and several healthy song girls get into the pool) is good cause to write off The Rivalry, and write off a donation

You have to admit:  The trojans know how to throw a fundraiser.

Saturday was the 29th Annual Swim with Mike Charity Event at usc, and because it is for such a good cause, this website will once again observe an attacks reduction, and call for a tax deduction.

There will be no negative critique-ing of the generous sc song girls, who must be commended for donning bikinis for the greater good.  And if you like the pics, or the cause, or both, please contact the organization and donate a little time or money.  You can even give something for the silent auction, and it doesn’t have to be sc-related — Yesterday, someone donated Laker Playoff tickets, for today’s Game 1 of the Utah series.

So, after you enjoy these photos, if you are looking to dramatically change your karma, or if you just want to assure that this event continues to be held — in all its glory — don’t be shy about going to, and supporting the cause.  If even just a few of you do, then maybe the song girls won’t mind having their photos shown here, in enemy territory.  Thank you.

[Just a few quick notes:  Don’t forget — You can MOUSE OVER the pics to reveal hidden captions;  then you can CLICK on the pics to ENLARGE the pics; and, then, if you like the pics, feel free to share them on the usual boards — especially the bikini shots (since I don’t post anywhere but here any more).]

 “Funds” weren’t the only things “raised” at the fundraiser… “Spirits” were also raised, by all the fun festivities.

 The event “headliner” is the Innertube Relay with song girls and trojan football players (but who needs the players?).

Oh, bouyancy! — Proper inflation is the key to victory.

When it comes to floatation devices, “bigger” is less important than “firmer.”

Everybody’s perky, until somebody springs a leak.

Maybe Goodyear or Michelin should be sponsoring this en-tire affair.

Maybe this pictorial will also help them shed their recently-tarnished reputation (yes, “tarnished,” like Bush’s Heisman).

Will the surge in publicity from this pictorial have “legs?”

And they looked just as firm on terra firma.

Let’s see if Scott Wolf has a slight change of heart.

“Dance Party, USC”

The stance?  Bracing against the barrage of clicking cameras.

Click.  Click, click.  Click, click, click.

If they were dogs (which they AREN’T), and if this weren’t for charity, there’d be a “Borzoi Ballet” joke here.

Not trying to be funny, but shouldn’t the guy in the wheelchair have a better seat for the show?

…but who knows?  Maybe that’s his vantage point of choice.  [i.e. they don’t have a bad side, even though they’re “tails from the dark side.”

If I were a trojan, I might white out that “” logo, and make this my desktop wallpaper.

It’s a balancing act — Can’t be TOO nice, no matter how good they look.

Last one for tonight — Keep these pretty faces smiling — Go to to do the right thing.  Go back to taking The Rivalry too seriously tomorrow.


3 responses to “BRILLIANT DEDUCTION”

  1. Jake Avatar

    In the last photo, the young lady on the far left in profile, wasn’t she sporting auburn hair last year?

  2. James Avatar

    so hot…

  3. Robert Avatar

    compared to our Michelle these girls are just plain and ordinary…not bad though.