“…Then why am I dressed up like a Pyro, in this Restaurant?”

Flinging these’ll Foster the Appeal of Fireworks for Bunches (and only a Monkey’s Uncle would Split before Dessert is Doled out)

First comes “Blue & Gold.”  But coming in a close Second is “Red, White, and Blue.”

Sometimes you have to ask yourself:  Are you a Bruin who just happens to be an American, or are you an American who just happens to be a Bruin?  And if you had to give one up, which allegiance is more precious?

Okay, maybe it’s not Sophie’s Choice, but for some, it’s NOT cut and dried.  For instance, can I be a Bruin living on my own private, sovereign, Island?  It would be a fairly neutral Dictatorship, with an Amsterdam feel to it.

Or, you could give up your penchant for all things Bruin, stay a Red-blooded, full-blooded American, and concentrate all your passion on exposing sc for the fraud that it is.  After all, you don’t have to be a Bruin to despise the trojans — Just ask a Notre Dame football fan, or Fred Goldman, or Scott Wolf, who seems to be an sc-hating trojan.

Regardless of how you divvy up your loyalties, yesterday was the day to celebrate your National pride, not your National Championships, even if YOUR School IS the only one that can boast more than 100 Titles.

But people don’t come here for photos of Fireworks, even when they’re on Mushrooms.  They come here for witty satire… just kidding — of course they come for shots of the Dance Team (and stay for shots of the Cheerleaders).  So speaking of School Pride, here are 11 more Spirit Shots, after 2 more shots of Fireworks (which are even tougher to get in focus than a swiftly-moving Cheerleader).

Py(ro) in the Sky(ro)

   Can you recite all the decibels of py(ro)?

Thigh, thigh, Miss American Pie.  [The levee’s never dry at UCLA]

You don’t need to be a “Pryotech-nik” to think that viewing this photo is a mitzvah.

Forget “pyro;” If you did this move, you’d need a Chiro.

Many husbands who see this the day after Independence Day might wish for their own independence.

“Give me Liberty, or give me Brette!”

Hey Kids — Recycling can be a kick!  [And this shot is worth recycling]

Amber waves of grainy

… and when it grains, it pores.

Look how much body her HAIR has.  Garnier Fructis?  [That brand has the hottest hair models now, taking the baton from Pantene.]

How the Hell did this trojan pic bust through into this pictorial?

Okay, one more, just to clear the palette.