This photo is un-doctored, but doesn’t it look like he’s pointing a gun?

One Wright Makes Up For Two Wrongs:  Shareece Wright gets hit with FELONY Resisting Arrest, before SC makes Beanie-less Buckeyes their bitches and Brigham Young makes Egg Foo Yung out of the Bruins in stitches

Only one thing could soften the blow of the seven hours of sheer torture that trojan-haters had to endure on Saturday — And that thing was more National disclosure of a trojan player charged with a serious crime.

When you break every rule and cheat at every opportunity, the #1 Ranking doesn’t mean anything.  The trojans will be near-unanimous #1’s in the AP and Coaches’ Poll next week, after pummelling short-handed Ohio State 35-3 on Saturday night, but they also solidified their hold on their #1 ranking in the FBI’s Most Wanted List.  Shouldn’t being Public Enemy #1 disqualify you from being USA Today’s #1?   And the whole mission here is to disseminate the information — about the entire trojan criminal enterprise — so this news definitely comes at a time when it is needed most.

At a recent party in Colton, while “celebrating” someone’s insertion into Iraq, trojan Defensive Back Shareece Wright got arrested, but refused to submit.  After all, usc owns the police, so the cops have no right to detain him.  He’s #1!  So he either left, despite being told to “Freeze, scumbag!!” or maybe he actually “assaulted” and physically evaded an attempted arrest.  Apparently, for this charge to be a Felony, there is usually more to it than just fleeing.  Maybe he used Mark Sanchez’s fake I.D.?

Mr. Wright has graced thse pages before — It was Wright who glorified the violence and bad sportsmanship of late hits and cheap shots, when he announced how he and his teammates found them inspiring, regardless of being blatant violation of the rules.

Of course, Shareece will face NO punishment from Pete Carroll, who claims that he has looked into the incident and found no evildoing.  However, there is no truth to the rumor that the trojans will start applying shiny gold “F” decals to their helmets every time they commit a Felony.

Ironically, ABC’s report on Wright’s arrest was truncated and permanently silenced, by a Defensive Touchdown by trojan “suspected” thug Rey Rey MalaLuger.  It was Rey Rey’s illegal shot on Pat Cowan that got Wright fired up a few years ago.  This TD broke the Buckeyes’ backs, and prematurely ended the opportunity to discuss how Petie’s gang of defendants continues to escape justice.

Speaking of escaping justice, O.J. Simpson is about to go back into the Courtroom, as his Las Vegas jury has been selected for his Kidnapping and Armed Robbery trial.  The jury is made up of mostly Women, which seems like a good start.  They won’t be influnced by the supposed sentimental value of a signed football… but they might hold a grudge against a guy who killed a women and gloats smugly about getting away with it at every opportunity.

Speaking of gloating, the BYU Cougars can gloat as loud as the Tabernacle Choir after UCLA’s Taber-Debacle in Provo.  The Cougs dominated every single facet of the game, in rolling to a 59-0 trouncing, the worst loss for the Bruins since 1929.  QB Max Hall threw for a record 7 TD’s — 6 in the first half — completely shredding the entire Bruin D, and even showing up Alterraun Verner.

The Bruins were badly outmanned on both lines of scrimmage, getting no rush whatsoever on Hall, and opening no lanes for Chane Moline or Raymond Carter to exploit.  QB Kevin Craft was not as bad as he was in the first half of the Tennessee game, but he did give up a costly fumble (on a hit from the blindside), and a deadly INT.  Craft also showed some development, hitting several midrange passes, and avoiding initial rushes.  He was able to buy some time with unplanned rollouts, and looked pretty good throwing on the run.  But that act was not enough to counteract the obvious superior talent that BYU had, over what amounts to the Bruins’ second string (thanks to injuries at every key skill position).

The Bruin Defense doesn’t have as much of an excuse as the offense — Maybe it was the altitude, but the Bruin D had no energy or spark, and was getting beaten on every pass play, give or take one or two.  The HEART that was shown on Labor Day was NOT evident in Provo.  As good of a motivator as Rick Neuheisel is supposed to be, this was a letdown of enormous magnitude.  If Karl Dorrell were still in charge, he would have been fired by Sunday night.

Luckily for Rick, it is only ONE game, and a “preseason” game, at that.  While Neuheisel might have made a lot of Bruin fans feel completely Neuseated (to start a 7-hour suckfest), he is only one win away from being a savior again.  Like Shareeces H. Wright! 



  1. UCLADavid Avatar

    This loss was so bad, it actually helped me get over it by the end of the game. I was angry and upset by the second quarter, mourning by the third quarter, and actually laughing at the magnitude of the beating by the fourth quarter. By the end of the game I had fired up the bar-b-que, had beer in hand, and was watching my girls play hopscotch — at least that game was close!

    Nothing to it but to get back to the Rose Bowl next Saturday, have a nice tailgate, and watch the team beat ‘Zona! Go Bruins!

  2. Jake Avatar

    Face it, we looked like crap against BYU, and U$C looked scary good once again. We’re in trouble come December

  3. xavier Avatar

    Maybe going to the great state of Utah isn’t such a good idea. In two years the total score is 103-6. Yeah, I’m from Utah and, no, I couldn’t resist. I consider myself a UCLA fan but they got their asses handed to them for the second year in a row. And BYU isn’t even the best team in the state.

  4. Mike Avatar

    usc- university of sheltered criminals

  5. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    University of Sheltered Criminals, lol I like that.

  6. BW Avatar

    Please don’t tell me that Maurice Simmon will get probation after he was convicted for arm robberies so he can play for SUC next season…or he will actually see prison time as he’s not actually a Trojjie yet.