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    Attack Big Mac — Disgraced trojan Mark McGwire is the first Batting Coach since 1923 to have his team get NO-HIT TWICE IN 9 DAYS It’s not like he doesn’t have any talented players to coach!  In fact, ex-trojan and current Dodger Hitting Coach Mark McGwire could be arrested for misappropriation of funds, after Coaching […]


    Not posin’ — If you were dozin’ or maybe frozen, you may not know that Rosen got chosen… to be UCLA’s Starting Quarterback The suspense is over… for those people who never saw practice this season.  For the rest of us, it was only a matter of time before True Freshman Josh Rosen was selected […]


    Clown College Football Head Steve Sarkisian gets smashed at a u$c booster rally and humiliates himself and the “university” with slurred speech, profanity, and drunken proclamations about how the other Pac-12 schools suck — Will it be his embarrassing off-field antics, his team’s on-field underachievement, or his inability to come close to beating UCLA that […]

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