Clown College Football Head Steve Sarkisian gets smashed at a u$c booster rally and humiliates himself and the “university” with slurred speech, profanity, and drunken proclamations about how the other Pac-12 schools suck — Will it be his embarrassing off-field antics, his team’s on-field underachievement, or his inability to come close to beating UCLA that gets him fired?

The FACE of u$c Football just got shit-faced.  In public.  On videotape.  Now that’s what I call “leadership.”  If you are going to recruit and mentor a bunch of over-rated, academically-challenged, arrogant losers, you might as well lead by example.  I’m sure all his players find him more relatable, after his headline-grabbing, intoxicated performance at the “Salute to Troy” rally last night.

The trojan Head Football Coach showed the Country that he has no class (just like his stars’ scholastic plan), no self-control, and no filter, when he staggered up to the podium and proceeded to trash other schools, and drop f-bombs in front of trojan fans, alumni, and their families.

Sark has since apologized for his unacceptable behavior, and just like all the other clowns before him, there will be no punishment.  He will just get away with his outlandish and inexcusable behavior… as long as his Football team produces victories.  But what is it about u$c that drives its Head Coaches to alcohol abuse?  If you remember, previous Basketball Coach Kevin O’Neill also went on a bender, tying one on and completely losing it, in an altercation with a fan, at a crowded public event.  Does SC cause alcoholism, or does it just attract alcoholics, or do the trojans seek out leaders with severe character flaws?  Whatever the explanation, the beat goes on at ol’ sc.  And when they face UCLA, may the beatings go on.  This year would make four thorough beatdowns in a row (in Football alone.  Add Basketball, and it’s been quite the streak).  I’ll drink to that!!



4 responses to “DRUNK. HISTORY?”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    As other Bruins have said, I’d be drunk too if I had to deal with sc boosters etc… Hopefully you made it a double Sark!

  2. Sharon Avatar

    Does it get any better than this? Last year it was Josh Shaw “saving” the poor drowning kid…..LMAO!! Love the entertainment! Go Bruins! Go Ducks!! Go ASU!! According to The Drunk, we all suck!! Yet he hasn’t beaten these three teams yet!!

  3. Kacey Carpenter Avatar
    Kacey Carpenter

    $uC is very arrogant! Go Bruins fight, fight, fight!

  4. tswenson Avatar

    What is unbelievable is that “Saint” Patrick Haden is disciplining Sark. Haden is one of the most 2 faced people at troy! He played for John Mc Kay, one of the biggest cheaters ever, and is trying to keep troy’s image clean. He better forget that. They never have been clean ever! What a joke! Haden is soooooo FAKE!!!
    GO BRUINS!!!