Attack Big Mac — Disgraced trojan Mark McGwire is the first Batting Coach since 1923 to have his team get NO-HIT TWICE IN 9 DAYS

It’s not like he doesn’t have any talented players to coach!  In fact, ex-trojan and current Dodger Hitting Coach Mark McGwire could be arrested for misappropriation of funds, after Coaching his first-place Dodgers into their second time getting No Hit in 9 days.  Los Angeles lost to the Cubs 2-0, as Jake Arrieta throws his first career No-Hitter.  It was the first time since 1971 that any team has been no-hit twice in a month.

Is this McKarma?  Too bad the Dodgers hired an ADMITTED cheater and liar, who owes all his fame and fortune to steroid abuse and cheating.  Why would you expect a guy like that to be able to coach players to hit well, without juicing?  Everything Big Mac knows is based on injections.  No Beef.

Every Dodger fan I know wants to get rid of Manager Don Mattingly.  Fine, as long as he takes McGwire with him.

And speaking of bad hires involving ex-trojans, Seattle Seahawks rookie Frank Clark is being accused of ATTACKING San Diego Quarterback Philip Rivers after a Sack this week.  Other Chargers had to physically remove Clark from the pile, who defended himself by claiming to be an emotional player.  Perhaps Clark should have never been signed, based on the Domestic Violence charges he was facing, when Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll added him to his roster.  Of course, disgraced ex-trojan Coach Carroll, who is now infamous for throwing away the last Super Bowl, has a long history of consorting with criminals, at u$c where they claimed to own the police, and in Seattle, where they lead the league in steroid abuse and rule violations.  So I’m sure it was a no-brainer when they asked him whether it was okay to sign this dubious citizen/loose cannon Clark.  Come to think of it, everything Carroll does is a no-brainer, by definition.  Just ask the neglected Marshawn Lynch.