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Wee… Of… Fortune! — Former UCLA Cheerleader Katie Wee hits the Red Carpet on the Road to the Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant, and finds some stiff competition, but WEE SHALL OVERCOME

Okay — After attending this Red Carpet event at Club Icon  Downtown by Staples, and after thoroughly studying each and every contestant for the upcoming Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant, I can say with confidence that Bruin Icon Katie Wee is in GOOD SHAPE… in more ways than one.

Not only was Katie in top form and flawless physical condition, but she was also THE CLASS of the competition.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and very subjective, but from what I saw, Katie has as good a chance as any of the contestants to win the pageant.  Yes, there were tons of gorgeous girls, who would all make Californians proud to be represented by them, but Katie is the REAL DEAL.  You can just tell that Katie is the WHOLE PACKAGE.  She knows how to carry herself, she knows how to interact with everyone, her fashion choices were unique and top notch, and her hair and make-up were impeccable.

But the real clue comes from the way the other contestants — and the photographers — reacted to her. All the cameramen wanted to get her in their lenses, and all the girls wanted to be photographed with her.  Most of the girls are very, very nice and polite, and they continuously approached Katie to meet her, compliment her, and learn from her.  Even though this is her first pageant, she emanates confidence and experience.  She really comes off as comfortable, like she really knows what she’s doing.  Even though she didn’t come with an entourage, she was still the center of attention, as other girls — who did bring family and friends — kept flocking to her.

She’s just SO sweet and SO nice, that people can tell that she’s down to earth and approachable.  Don’t get me wrong — Most of the girls were nice, and more humble than you would expect based on their budding supermodel looks.  They happily obliged all the photographers who were barking at them to “Look at me!  Give me your eyes!”  They showed very little sign of being jaded, even joking to the photographers that the photographers must be bored of taking all these pictures, of all the girls, hour after hour.  Yeah, right.

The whole event was sort of a PREP/TRAINING exercise to get the girls used to the cameras, and the interviewers, and the red carpet experience.  There were experts on hand to teach them about hair, make-up, personality issues, and even how to take advantage of social networking to enhance their campaigns.  The organizers also served LUNCH — Chicken Pasta and Mediterranian Salad, both of which they encouraged the girls to eat, instead of following the usual Model’s Code of just “licking an apple.”

As you are about to see, none of the girls have any serious weight issues, although some of them need make-up, hair and wardrobe assistance.  But not Katie, who has taken advantage of her experience with Mollie’s crack staff of beauticians, and who continues to do everything right.

Below are 40 photos from the event, the first 16 featuring Katie, and most of the rest showing you her new FRIENDS, –not enemies or rivals — against whom she just happens to be competing.  I have another hundred photos that I think are worthy of sharing, so check back soon to see the next batch.  And don’t forget to check out Katie’s website and Facebook page to learn more about her, and to help support her cause.  But remember — It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the journey, and the friendships being made, and the joyful experience that all the girls are taking in, as the festivities continue throughout the process.

"YES WEE CAN!" was published on June 26th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, Non-Rivalry News, Non-Rivalry Photos, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "YES WEE CAN!": 2 Comments

  1. jp wrote,

    whatever happens in this pageant, it won’t matter cuz Katie’s gonna go far in whatever she chooses to do.

  2. Sparky wrote,

    Ok, I don’t want to slight the other girls in any way, but there is a reason that we long-time fans called our favorites a few years ago the “Fab Four”. And Katie was a huge part of that! She embodies everything that is right about this contest, from the beauty to the presonality to the brains and she does it all with an elegance and grace that could only be replicated by her former teamates. Thanks for the great shots and for keeping us in the loop!

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