Bush says returning the Heisman was NOT an admission of guilt — Of course not:  A real trOJan never confesses

Reggie Bush and O.J. Simpson:  The trojan “If I Did It” Twins.  Two usc Heisman-trophy winning* u$c Tailbacks, who are the only two people in the World who think that either one of them is innocent.  The two arrogant peas in a pod are so similar, Kim Kardashian — whose late Father allegedly hid O.J.’s bloody clothes — may be the luckiest person in the World. 

After Bush returned his Heisman this week, many people took that to mean that Reggie was remorseful for committing violations that will haunt usc for years.  Bush moved swiftly to clear up that misperception.  He still insists, inexplicably, that he and his parents did nothing wrong.  Considering all the evidence, including usc’s acceptance of that evidence, you’d have to come to the conclusion that Bush is either delusional, OR, laughing his ass off as he knowingly spews his nonsense, because the worst thing that could happen is he loses a few endorsement deals.

Bush also told the Media that his Parents didn’t want him to return the Trophy.  What a shocker:  The Bush Parents showing a total lack of Integrity.  Also missing Integrity is the Heisman Trust, who is leaving the 2005 award “vacated” — instead of giving it to the rightful owner, Vince Young.  Even though VY has said he doesn’t want it, they should have still done a re-vote.  They should have distributed video highlight DVD’s and all the stats to all their voters, and taken a new vote.  Vince Young would have destroyed Matt Leinart, and would have HAD to accept the honor.  Of course, Leinart would have UNFAIRLY lost votes because of his abject failure on and off the field since ’05, but the bottom line is that the best ELIGIBLE player would have finally had the award.  What’s the point of using Instant Replay, if not to just GET IT RIGHT?  Well, the Heisman Trust had a golden opportunity to get it right, but they failed.  Just like Bush, when he tried to “do the right thing,” but without coming clean.

Speaking of getting it right, here are 17 more UCLA Cheerleader Photos from the Stanford “game.”



  1. UCLADal Avatar

    “A real trOJan never confesses” Ain’t that the truth T-H. I like how Haden said bush’s gesture was “noble”. NOBLE…. give me a break Pat. They all deserve each other.

    Actually, if I’m the NYAC, I don’t want that trophy back. Who knows what reggie and his ex girlfriend Kim K. did with that thing. They’ll need a HAZMAT unit to decontaminate it and that’s just from bush’s stench.

    Great job as usual with the cheer pics! Thanks! Hopefully we right the ship on Saturday and get a win. We sure as hell need it. GO BRUINS!

  2. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    Vince Young got the trophy that REALLY matters that year, and he can thank Bush for helping to make that happen, so he shouldn’t be too upset with Bush over the Heisman.

  3. Jake Avatar

    Vince should be happy, except for Charles Woodson, most heismans do not fare to well in the nfl… runner up heismans do, peyton manning, adrian peterson…. but anyways… hope ucla can turn this thing around tomorrow !!!