Snake’s on a Player.

The “Snakebit” Bruins are ready to shed their skins and devour some rodents

Actual Award Winner:  Most Spirited Fan  (She won the contest by two points).

If it’s a bonfire, then we’d like S’mores, please!   (”Mmmmm, S’mores!”)

Not everyone has given up on the Bruins this season.  Maybe the “Dumpers” have written off this coming Saturday, but the Bruins themselves and a Helluva lotta fans have plenty of faith, and they showed that Spirit during Thursday night’s BeatSC Parade, Rally, and Bonfire.

Thousands of Bruin fans (94% students, 6% Alumni?) weathered cold temperatures, the LACK of a Rock Band, and borderline-humorous skits that lasted way too long to enjoy a REAL Bonfire (last year’s was reduced to confetti, due to expected but non-existant high winds), and a compelling but brief appearance by dozens of Players from the team.

The fans were exceptionally well-behaved, but finally started to mutiny on the show’s silly little anti-sc skits.  The crowd started jeering a little, then just demanding that they move along and light the fire.  And we hate to say this, and please don’t write in to complain, because we have been very tolerant of alternative lifestyles around here, but one of the video speakers (and rally planners) was so flaming, that it was like a Mel Brooks parody.  Now, there is obviously nothing wrong with that, but it just seemed sorely out of place at a FOOTBALL Rally, especially one that is spurred on by hatred of the evil arch rival.  Come to think of it, some of the parade participants also made Westwood look like West Hollywood.  Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe a BeatSC Bonfire isn’t the perfect place to celebrate it flamboyantly.  Please don’t write us letters.  We’re not homophobes.  We work in TV/Film Production — We CAN’T be.  But we’d just like to see BRUTAL TOUGHNESS be the theme of this particular event.  Okay?  Enough disclaimers?

Last time we were slightly critical of a UCLA event, some Bitchy Mother whined about our tough standards.  So we want to make sure that you understand:  We LOVED this event, and had a great time.  We are not complaining about it on the whole.  We LOVE it, and have no intention of missing any in the future.  However…

This was the worst one ever.  It was the most juvenile, and least-football related, and not well-organized.  There was a line of over a thousand people, that never went anywhere.  Everyone just scrambled for the goodies, without any guidance.  No biggie, though, and no riot was caused.  Just a bunch of bitter students, wondering what the f was going on.

What this event needed was Geof Strand.  Someone who understands the Rivalry, and the importance of Bruin Spirit leading into the game.  The Players can feed off thousands of students coming out to cheer them on on a Thursday night.  And Geof could have stopped the biggest f*ck-up of the night:

75% of the crowd still chanted “Fight, Fight, Fight” instead of “BeatSC” at the end of the 8-Claps.  Even some of our idols, the Cheerleaders, made this faux pas.  We personally made a scene, like a spoiled baby — actually, it was kind of embarrassing — but a sweet, attractive, petite young lady (perhaps named Stephanie, according to her name tag?) said that she would take care of it.  It improved on their end, but no one ever made the big announcement/instruction to the crowd, so the end result was NOT satisfactory to the owners of BeatSC.com (!!!), but thanks to Steph for making the effort.  We appreciate it.

We really should give Mollie a call, to make sure everyone is on the right page on Saturday.  Or hopefully, someone who reads this can mention it to her?  It’s pretty important, and if WE are not all united, then the minority that says “F*ck SC” will be the loudest and most audible segment, and those of you with little kids don’t want that.

Something else missing from this year’s gala was other Bruin Coaches.  The Water Polo Coach spoke, but no one else.  Usually, it’s more about athletics — This year, it was all about dancing (which was great) and cornball skits (which weren’t).  The skits all actually had funny and pertinent PREMISES, but just got a little stupid, and definitely too drawn out.  The performers, though, put their hearts and souls into it, were pretty funny, and did their best.  It probably wasn’t their fault — They had to fill up too much time.  It was up to a Director to reel them in, but that never happened.

But enough negativity.  The NEW Band Uni’s look really cool, and the Cheerleaders looked AWESOME, even when they were wearing their sweat jackets.  You’ll see some of those photos probably tomorrow — they were sweet, but they didn’t make the Top 17.  Another GREAT thing about the night:  Chancellor Block (and his Woman?) were there, and got up on stage, said a few words, and led an 8-Clap.  It’s always good for the Program when the Chancellor sees how passionate the fans are about their pigskin… and about the Cheerleaders.  Do we mention that they looked awesome?

But believe it or not, they weren’t the highlight of the night.  That honor goes to Bruce Davis, Shannon (or was it Sonny?) Tevaga, Pat Cowan, and Chris Markey.  Those are the Four Team Leaders who weren’t afraid to grab the microphone and tell the fans to have faith in the Bruins.  When Tevaga grabbed it, all he wanted to do was celebrate Pat Cowan, which should tell you something very important.  We would go into detail about what the guys said, but we do not want to give any bulletin board material to the enemy.  Suffice it to say that the boys have more confidence than you do.

And if you were wondering, for the second year in a row, Karl Dorrell chose (wisely) to avoid the evening’s spotlight altogether.   When his image was on the widescreen for a second, the crowd did not cheer, and it was noticeable.  At least they didn’t boo. 

Now here’s something that no one will boo:  14 more photos from the Rally.

 That’s right Bruce, it’s all on you.

As Bruce Davis goes on Saturday, so go the Bruins.  You can see that they look up to him.

Snake Bliskin and Pat Cowan - “Escape from South Central”

Markey’s health could make all the difference in the World.  If 100%, he’s better than sc’s best.

Chancellor “Chop” Block, at the best University on the block.

New Band Uni’s!!!

This year, there was actually a real fire!!

The student Hip Hop dancers were excellent, and well-received.

All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance…

And finally, The “Mane” Event.  [Sorry for burying the lead]

These bonfires just keep getting hotter and hotter.

If only we could bottle that happiness and pour it on the DumpDorrell crowd.

When he saw THIS overwhelming heat, the Fire Marshall shut the whole thing down.  Can you blame him?!?



  1. Rick Avatar

    Appreciate your thorough coverage of the rally–I feel like I was there!
    Have to say I agree with you wholeheartedly about the proper tone of this type of event. The big game week
    pep rally is a time for the testosterone-fueled fusion of passion and anger directed at, and focused on the
    defeating of, the ultimate worthy target U$C. It is no place for a lisp. Sorry, but, to whom this may offend,
    stop being so damn selfish and think about what the event is for–it’s to fire everyone up into a frenzy and
    help motivate the team to beat up on its (and OUR) archrival in what will be a VERY physical game–and you simply cannot do that in drag… Hopefully, next year’s organizers will keep this in mind,and edit accordingly.
    Besides,at the celebration party after the victory,anyone can act however the hell they want.
    Let’s just get that victory first.
    GO BRUINS!!! CRUSH sc!!!!

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Thanks T-H. Hell, they should put YOU in charge of this gig. We might all end up in jail but it will be in the proper tone and spirit. Unfortunately, it’s just UCLA being PC. At least they had the bon fire this time. Next year, bring some Bon Scott!

    Here’s to win tomorrow. I’d love it for all the seniors who’ve endured a lot with the program to end their careers with one more win over the doofs and send petey boy packing.


    P.S. I read your post on BZ. I can’t believe stupid sc fans send you threats about your site. Oh well…it’s the human condition.

  3. Richard Urban Avatar
    Richard Urban

    Thank you Beatsc.com

    We here in the Bay Area will be celebrating tomorrow. Decorating the Oakland Airport Hilton for an expected Bruin Faithful crowd of around 200 … raffle/prizes too … for the BayAreaBruin (Marijane Viat Memorial) Scholarship Fund.

    Your comments are valuable. We need more toughness. Our school is so much superior to the University of Second Choice (or third, fourth … )

    Another upset victory would make us very, very happy.

    Thanks for the good work you perform. Your photos are always very much appreciated.

    Come on Bruins, smash the Troholes.


  4. BW Avatar

    That 2nd picture from the top…..is that a “see-through”????

  5. ajax Avatar

    Keep that snake away from Luc and Alfred!