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Is it in you?

1 Past, 1 Present, and 1 Future trOJan have all been Spirited away this week by Police, and that doesn’t even include Marijuanovich’s little brother  

Dwayne Jarrett was supposed to be an immediate NFL success, based on his numbers in “College.”  Instead, during his Rookie season with Carolina, Jarrett got Skunked.  Zero Touchdowns for the guy who caught more of them at sc than anyone else.  Word is that he couldn’t master the playbook.  Apparently, it had more words than anything he ever read in “College.”

Well, the hunk who got skunked just got drunk-as-a-skunk, and then got behind the wheel.  He was pulled over at 3:00am for swerving and running a red light.

Now anyone who drives in L.A. knows that a trojan who blows through a red light is not always intoxicated — They could just be “being typical trojans,” ignoring the rules of the road, and not caring about anyone’s welfare except their own.  But this time, Jarrett failed a Drunk Test, before his Breath Test, so it appears that he really was wasted.

This is the same guy who flaunted NCAA Rules by living in luxury on Matt Leinart’s Dad’s dime at the Medici Apartments, and then never got in trouble for it.  This new transgression is much worse, since innocent people could get killed because of Jarrett’s trojan arrogance, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get off again.  The trojans do have a WAY with the Justice System, and NFL Players always seem to have an advantage (just don’t tell that to Rae Carruth).

Ex-trojan Jarrett joins three other quasi-criminals with trojan ties to find themselves on the Police Blotter this week.  Current trojan Fili Moala just got busted for defying Police Orders and thereby obstructing justice, and Future trojan Maurice Simmons got pinched for what appears to be an armed robbery.  That rounds up the Trilogy of trojan Transgressions, but it goes from Troyfecta to Superfecta when you add in the little brother of the infamous trojan criminal Todd Marinovich.  Little Bro got snagged a few days ago for breaking into a Weight Room at Syracuse.

That’s FOUR incidents in a Week.  O.J. Mayo must be going nuts, seeing all this publicity go to OTHER trojan criminals.  Watch for Mayo to go ballistic at Staples, and attack a fan in the crowd — if Hackett doesn’t beat him to it.


Below are nine more UNBELIEVABLE photos from Saturday’s “Pauley Postgame Posse Pose-Party.”  And as we can see from the recent feedback, we are not the only ones who think so.    

Yes, that’s the Legendary Jamaal Wilkes behind the Legendary UCLA Dance Team.  Smooth as “Silk,” indeed.

That’s the thing about these girls — Even the three that aren’t ready for the photo still look exceptional.

Excedrin Headache #9

Why is SHE looking, but HE isn’t??

Forget the Trifecta — This is like hitting the Pick Six.

A nice Final Four run could give some of these Girls some well-deserved National exposure

Jarrett can HAVE his alcohol — You are LOOKING at what intoxicates US.

Ansel “Black & White” Adams, eat your heart out!

…and the Princess lived happily ever after.  The End.

"WHEN IT DWAYNES, IT POURS: JARRETT’S DWI COMPLETES A CRIME TROY-FECTA" was published on March 12th, 2008 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. Nick wrote,

    You’re OUT of this WORLD….BRIANNA are you human? If so I’d LOVE to meet your parents to thank them…keep them coming!!!!

    Lets give BRIANNA an “8-Clap”…..aaaaaand

    O-ya…Go BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Josephine Bruin wrote,

    Crime “troy-fecta” – you the MAN!

  3. UCLADal wrote,

    Great pic T-H. I like the Jagger in the helmut. The spirit of troy!!

  4. djrbruin wrote,

    Is it any wonder these supposed “NFL locks” coming out of $C do nothing when they get to the NFL? There is no need to play. They already made their money in college!

  5. Robert wrote,

    Oh yeah baby!! a solo shot of Elize!! that’s what I’m talking about, she is so gorgeous! Would it be too much trouble for you to set me up on a blind date with her??

    [Sorry — Rumor has it she’s Kevin Love’s Girl]

  6. Robert wrote,

    Rumor about Elize being Kevin Love’s girl? what a lucky dog!! if it’s true – then good for HIM! he has great taste.

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