In a week that included a huge, Bazz-powered victory for UCLA Basketball and a Bruin getting his jersey retired by the Lakers, the highlights for me are still: Two trojans making jackasses of themselves on Twitter, and me capturing the beauty of Cheer Squad Sarah 26 times

I’m glad I’m on Winter Hiatus right now, because there is so much going on in Trojan-Hater land.  After suffering the ignominy of travelling all the way down to San Diego in rush hour-like traffic to see the Football Bruins humiliate their loyal fans with a severely lackluster performance, I was in serious need of a pick-me-up.  And as luck would have it, I found a lot more than one.

Not one but two different current members of u$c’s Football team are in full apology mode right now after classlessly insulting their Bowl opponent Georgia Tech and the city of El Paso, Texas, where the trojans are playing in the Sun Bowl.  Senior Linebacker Tony Burnett (“who?”) Tweeted: “Georgia Tech!?  El Paso, Texas!?   New Year’s Eve!?  FML”   In case you didn’t know, “FML” means “F*ck My Life.”  He went on to say “if you never seen a real life giant tumbleweed, get ready.”  Then Defensive End Leonard Williams added to the crassness by calling El Paso a “shitty city.”  Did anyone actually need more proof of u$c being full of arrogance, low class, and disrespect?

Well, if you did, how about the entire team showing up Georgia Tech by being a half-hour late to a ceremonial dinner for both teams?  Lane Kiffin blamed traffic and a late start to practice.  They were so late, that the Georgia Tech team got sick of waiting for them, and actually left the event before the trojans finally arrived.  As news reports come out about this latest snub, and about the inappropriate Tweets, the whole Country is finding out what you and I have known for years:  That the trojans are the SCum of the Earth.

Meanwhile, the Bruins are represented in the World by total Class Acts like Jamaal Wilkes, who got honored this week when the Los Angeles Lakers retired his jersey.  Wilkes was an All-Star and World Champion with the Lakers, who have retired only 8 jerseys all time… and THREE of those are for Bruins:  Wilkes, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Gail Goodrich.

And speaking of all-time Bruin Basketball greats, Shabazz Muhammad may be becoming a member of that elite fraternity.  His 27 points and two clutch three-pointers during Overtime led UCLA to a dramatic 97-94 victory over Missouri, who was #7 in the Country.  UCLA fought back from being down by 9 with 4:04 left, forcing OT on a key Jordan Adams drive and lay-up, and going ahead for good in the extra period on a trey by Bazz.  The Wears also had their best game as a duo, as the Bruins got their biggest win of the year to go to 10-3, and maybe re-enter the National rankings discussion.

All this good news is enough to overcome the debacle in San Diego.  But what really makes this week bearable (after getting mauled by the Baylor BEARS) is that so many of my photos from Thursday came out okay (despite it being a night game).  The lighting at Qualcomm is brighter than at the Rose Bowl, and my seat was closer to the field. so in addition to the 40 shots I shared on Thursday night, I have another 144 that are worthy of publishing.  And thanks to the alignment of the Cheer Squad, I was fortunate enough to get 26 shots that feature the sweet and lovely Sarah in that 144, all 26 of which are posted below.  Enjoy these, and check back soon for about 118 more, featuring everyone from the Spirit Squad BESIDES Sarah!




  1. JC Avatar

    Great game with Mizzou. Very impressive how UCLA had more energy at the end than the Tigers, despite the Bruins not being deep anymore.

    Both teams have GREAT upside. Of the current Mizzou roster, only Phil Pressey played for Mizzou last year! Most of the team consists of very talented transfers who are still getting to know each other, so 10-2 at this point isn’t too bad. I consider them the favorite to win the SEC, as long as Pressey avoids careless stretches, like he had at the end of the Bruin game, and doesn’t shoot too much.

    Of course, with Freshmen playing so prominent a role for UCLA this year, their upside could be off the charts. Barring injuries, since they don’t have the depth to overcome them, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be a sweet 16 team despite the defections and their youth.

    By the way, did Pressey bring an Oscar back to Columbia with him from Hollywood for his swan dive at the end of regulation? Smart play, though. Could have won them the game.

  2. JC Avatar

    Also, you may notice how bitter Tiger fans are about the officiating in the game. They do have somewhat of a point, but, of course, the Tigers made a plethora of mistakes down the stretch, and really have no one to blame for the loss but themselves.

    Keep in mind, Mizzou has never been to the final four in basketball, so naturally it’s much harder for their fans to be gracious than fans of a team with more historical success, which begs the question – what excuse do trojan football fans have?