You had to see it to believe it.  

Versus replays the Cardinal-trojan Instant Classic, where their shell-shocked Announcer actually MIS-CALLS the biggest TD in the biggest Upset in College Football History

If you were watching it on TV, first, you couldn’t believe your eyes.  Then, you couldn’t believe your ears.

On 4th Down, trailing by 6 with 54 seconds left, Stanford pulled off a miracle that will be replayed over and over again for the rest of your natural life and beyond.  And if they use the original audio from the Broadcast, there is a guy who is the new “blonde sc cheerleader who cheered when Texas scored.”

 Right as the Cardinal scored what turned out to be the Game-Winning Touchdown, the Versus announcer screamed:  “Touchdown USC!!”  He then corrected himself, saying:  “Stanford, Touchdown Stanford.”  He later made an excuse for himself, saying that he was so excited that he got the teams wrong.

This gaffe is actually an understandable screw-up, since no one outside of Palo Alto thought that sc could lose this game.  What he started to say was:  “Touchdown!  Usc LOSES!!”  Because THAT’S the NEWS;  Not that Stanford won, but that sc lost.  But he got all choked up, or suddenly realized that sc still had time, and  just got out the “Touchdown usc.” 

This f-up just makes this game even more of a Classic.  The Announcer himself had another Golden moment:  Right after the game, WHILE the camera got a close-up of some trojan girls crying their eyes out, he said: “The Stanford faithful are celebrating tonight.”

There are so many heart-warming moments, that you could just watch this broadcast over and over again, and never get tired of it.  Take, for instance the LOOK ON PETE CARROLL’S FACE as the game ends, or the one on Ken Norton jr.’s face, sticking his jaw out (overcompensating for his grief) as he slinked off the field; Or the 4th & 20 that Stanford converted in the waning moments;  Or the 4th and Goal at the 1 right before the Half that sc DIDN’T convert.

And speaking of that 4th and 20, there were myriad moments in this game where BOTH Coaches made stupid decisions and/or their teams played undisciplined, and looked poorly-coached and unprepared.  The mental errors resulting in huge penalties, even during the final two deciding drives, were too numerous to list.  The point is, that Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh is being hailed as a Hero and a Genius, and Pete Carroll was the Resident Genius,  but they do the exact same things that has Karl Dorrell being run out of town. 

Okay, now that  I’ve got your attention, here are some examples:  Carroll blew a precious Time Out challenging the SPOT on that 4th & 20, perhaps not understanding the concept of Forward Progress.  Carroll also didn’t have QB John David Booty trained well enough to know that he should take himself out of the game when he breaks a bone in a finger on his passing hand.  Perhaps Booty was afraid of going from Heisman Candidate to Second String, once Marc “Drunk & Disorderly” Sanchez took over, so HE GAVE sc THE FINGER.  Add in all the penalties, dropped passes, and missed Defensive assignments, against a QB who has never played before, on a team that UCLA killed, and that won only 1 game last year, and you HAVE to say that the trojans are (were that day) a POORLY-COACHED TEAM. 

And as for Harbaugh, who we love right now, he pulled some major boners himself.  For instance, he failed to notice that sc was AWARDED a TD on a play where the ball did NOT cross the Goal Line.  He never even challenged it.  As for discipline, game management and fundamentals (the Holy Trinity of Coaching, and what KD is always being grilled about), on the Game-Winning Touchdown, AFTER a Time Out, Stanford got penalized for having 12 Men on the Field.  Would you call that a Dorrellian Moment?  Then, on the ensuing Kickoff, Stanford got penalized 15 yards for a Personal Foul Facemask.

We’re not trying to say that Harbaugh and Carroll are actually bad Coaches, or even that Dorrell is a good one.  Our point is that all the nasty-ass nitpicking that goes on in Westwood (as every single decision is overanalyzed AFTER the fact and the ones that don’t work are held up as examples of imcompetence) could be applied to any Coach in the Country, and making a few stupid calls or decisions during a game, OR LOSING A GAME TO A PITIFUL OPPONENT, does not it and of itself make you suck, especially while you’re sitting at the top of your Conference, undefeated in Pac-10 play.   You haters will most likely get your time to go wild, but not yet, not now.

Also, if you have a problem with our “supportive” attitude, please see our response to another comment, at the bottom of the “No Excuses” article.  There IS a method to what you might see as our KD Madness.




  1. DumpDorrell Avatar

    So … are you now FINALLY on the Dump Dorrell train?? Or are you still hoping he suddenly learns how to coach?? For someone who is so passionate anti-SuC you are amazingly dispassionate towards UCLA football. You’re so pro-Karl Dorrell that you appear to think that he IS UCLA football. So, again, after a second bizarre inexplicable humiliating defeat in just a few weeks are you now finally in favor of a coaching change??

  2. admin Avatar

    Dear Dump Dorrell –

    Why would you even think that we’d approve your comment for publication? Well, surprisingly, we did, but only to try to explain one more time:

    EVEN IF WE DID WANT A REGIME CHANGE, we wouldn’t express it so crudely on this site. Please read our other posts, and take a minute to think about it — We have OUR PHOTOS hanging in the UCLA Football Offices, and are developing cooperative relationships with them and with the Spirit Squad. It would therefore be inappropriate, almost a betrayal, to turn around and bash the Program. What if Chris Roberts just started demanding the ax to fall, on the air, in the middle of a game?

    We never claimed to be legit, or objective journalism (obviously). In fact, we always asserted that this site is SATIRE — A PARODY of overzealous fans. If you look at it THAT way, our “support” of Dorrell could actually be seen as hilarious satire. Get it?

  3. admin Avatar

    After we wrote that, we received a response from this person – who for some reason is using a FAKE e-mail address – But he asked that it not be posted. It wasn’t very nice, but we will still honor his request to not post it. However, we still want to post our response to him, since the reply e-mail wouldn’t go through:

    “Why are you being so mean? We don’t get it. Were we hostile with you? We’re trying to tell you that we’re just trying to “not be an enemy” of the people running the Program right now.

    All we do is try to highlight the positive and downplay the negative, and make people laugh or smile along the way. We never claimed to be objective. We didn’t think that an admittedly satirical site being supportive would inspire such hate. Sometimes we’re cracking up when “explaining” certain decisions, or making Dorrell-Carroll comparisons. Do we really think that Knute Rockne couldn’t have won that game? All he had to do was run the ball on 4th down.

    But what’s wrong with the Office telling us that the Players are enjoying our photos? They told us that Robert Kibble put one up in his hospital room to cheer himself up. No, it’s not a “relationship,” per se, but we still thought it was pretty cool.

    We honestly weren’t trying to say that you were too stupid to recognize the concept of satire, but if that’s how it came out, we apologize. We just figured that you hadn’t read our disclaimers yet, and were coming at us without all the needed information.

    Sorry again.

  4. Bruin88 Avatar

    Good for you for responding to those Dump Dorrell losers. Their negativity makes me puke. You don’t build a program overnight. They are just hurting the program with their endless bashing of our football program. We can decide Dorrell’s fate at the end of the season…not now. What a bunch of Sunday morning quarterbacks. STFU!

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your site for years…keep it up!

  5. admin Avatar

    Bruin88 —

    Thanks! It’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones who want to deal with the Program’s issues with Class and Tact. These idiots don’t realize that they are making UCLA a dreaded place to Coach. Why would anyone want to come here and deal with all this crap?