No good Christian would Bale on these Girls.

“The Dark Knight” torches the Box Office Record, thanks to a (bat-) scorching performance by the Late Heath Ledger, while the L.A. Angels torch the Boston Red Sox, thanks to a (bat-) scorching performance by the Late-inning Save Leader

Coming soon to a screen near you:  “Angels:  A Posthumous Nomination, and a Postseason Participation.”

Just in case you were the person who DIDN’T see the new Batman movie this weekend:  You missed a pretty good flick.  Of course if you go in with ridiculous expectations because you believe the over-the-top reviews, then you might be disappointed.  Don’t be confused — It’s a very well-crafted, SMART, big-budget film, with several solid performances, exciting effects, and eye-popping make-up f/x;  But like every other movie that DIDN’T make $155 Million in its Opening Weekend, it still has its slow scenes, and it does NOT inspire in-theater cheering like the best Action movies do.

That being said, Heath Ledger’s Joker is worth the price of admission.  He is creepy, evil, and a captivating screen presence.  It is no big revelation that Ledger will get the nod when the Academy announces the Year’s Top 5 Actors.  Being July, it’s probably premature to proclaim him the winner, but it’s going to be hard to overcome his sentimental vote, even if his on-screen performance could be topped.

Just like it’s no surprise that Ledger truly DELIVERS in his final full role, it is also no NEWS that Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are first rate Class, and utterly charming in their supporting roles (although not Award-worthy).  But possibly the biggest surprise of the movie is the stellar job done by Aaron Eckhart as Gotham D.A. Harvey Dent.  Especially in the second half of the movie, Eckhart’s close-ups are just as menacing as Ledger’s.

While Ledger is up in Heaven on Cloud Nine with his pals, perhaps enjoying this afterlife success and adoration, the Angels of Anaheim are enjoying Heaven on Earth.  Their Cloud Nine is a NINE-GAME cushion that they currently hold over the Oakland A’s in the AL West.  That’s more than 4 times more than any other Division lead.  And that’s just the half of it.

The one-game-at-a-time Angels are happy not just because of their nine-game lead — It’s also about HOW they got there.  On Sunday, the Angels completed a three-game SWEEP of their long-time nemesis, the Boston Red Sox.  The 1986 Playoff loss to the Red Sox led to the suicide of Angel Pitcher Donnie Moore, and the Angels have now lost NINE straight Postseason games to Boston.  So naturally, if the season ended today, they would be facing each other in the first round.

Boston WOULD have had sky-high confidence, if it weren’t for what took place this Weekend.  The Angels blew them out 11-3 in Game 1, then came from behind LATE to win 4-2 and 5-3 in Games 2 and 3, with Frankie Rodriguez notching his 39th and 40th Saves in dominating style.  K-Rod is the first player EVER to get to 40 Saves this fast, and obviously, is on pace to break the All-Time Record for Saves in a Season, which WAS 57, until this year.

Francisco’s arm helped the Angels get their first Home Sweep of the BoSox in TEN YEARS.  Sunday’s win also clinched the Season Series with Boston, as the Angels are 5-1 against them.  Even though Big Papi is injured, the ability of the Angels’ Pitching staff to keep most of the Sox in check bodes well for this trend-stoppage to carry over into the Playoffs.

The Angels have the Best Record in Baseball, at 60-38, and they have won five in a row, while the Red Sox still trail Tampa Bay in their Division, and have lost 10 of their last 12 Road games — not a good sign for a team that probably won’t have Home Field advantage when they re-engage the Angels.  The Red Sox are the Defending Champs, and they mauled the Angels in the Playoffs last year, but this year, it should be a Series for the Ages.                       

And speaking of a Series of Angels for the Ages…

[Rollover for captions, click to zooooooom]

Adding more fuel to the fire of SongGirlGate  (What a bunch of Jokers over there!).

The REAL Dynamic Duo!

How about Katie for Katwoman?  MeOW.

L.A. and the Angels OWE Boston, especially after the Celtics’ attitude at the ESPY’s.

And yeah, these Girls get along a lot better than DANICA PATRICK and MILKA DUNO (who treated Danica to the Horry-to-Ainge Towel-in-the-Face, TWICE in a row!)

Did you know Duno before yesterday? But the spicy Latina probably already has got “Got Milka?” t-shirts in circulation.

Forget the Bat Pole, and forget the Brass Pole — This is the only Brass she will dance around.  [”So DON’T show me the money, Tuba Gooding, jr.”]

Sorry for Harping on it, but these Angels are Heaven-sent.


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  1. J Avatar

    Thanks for the movie review…AND for the fine photography work.

    Could have done without the “Whanica Patrick” caption though. SO tired of her antics. Win or keep your trap shut!

  2. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Nice to see the gorgeous Katie being featured in most ot the photos, and the beautiful Heather in two of them as well. Keep up the great work T-H.