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UCLA Spirit icon Katie Wee — aka Miss Hollywood Heights — takes Palm Desert by Storm

Former Captain of the Bruin Dance Team Katie Wee always represented UCLA well.  Now, she’s putting Hollywood Heights on the map.  Wearing the sash for that community, Katie took part in her very first pageant on Saturday night, in the Miss CaliforniaUSA Pageant, and she performed like a seasoned veteran.

Unlike many of her almost 300 competitors, Katie traversed the stage with grace, took her turns with style, and timed everything perfectly.  You’d be amazed how many girls “milked” their moment, dragging it out to the point that the judges must have been rolling their eyes.  And an equal amount of girls barely posed for the judges, as if they were too shy or nervous to do what they were supposed to do.  But Katie did everything flawlessly, never dropping her world-class smile (another thing many of the others had trouble with).

On Saturday night, Katie did everything she possibly could to advance to the Finals.  And she did everything right HEADING INTO Saturday too.  The selection of the sexy Pink bikini and the exquisite blue gown were perfect — Not too flashy, or too conservative, like a lot of the other outfits on display on the stage.  Also, Katie’s hair and make-up were fantastic — Not overdone, over-teased, or ostentatious… like so many others.

I wish I were one of the judges — The results would have been a foregone conclusion.  But I sat next to the judges, and I can tell that they probably don’t share my exact sensibilities.  Also, they were overwhelmed with almost 300 contestants in rapid-fire succession.  They could barely keep up the pace, while trying to take notes on every girl throughout the procession.  But these people are experts, who do this sort of thing all the time, so we can only hope that they can see that Katie is clearly deserving of making the Final 20.  If not, it’s okay — Katie still did great, and had a great time doing it, and would have absolutely no regrets.

Below are 35 photos from Saturday’s Preliminaries.  The first several are Katie, and the few right after that are of Meghan — Miss Menlo Park — a friend of Katie’s and also, a fellow Bruin.  There is actually one more Bruin contestant (at least), and she was representing UCLA, as Miss UCLA in the pageant.  There was also a Miss USC, by the way.  I know I’m “Trojan-Hater,” but in this instance I’m not going to say anything negative about Miss USC, or show any unflattering photos of her.  Today’s 35 don’t show either Miss UCLA or Miss USC, but they will show up soon, probably in the next batch of shots that I post.

Finally, I’d like to thank Kara, who is very sweet, and helped me with my Press Pass.  She is pictured in the last shot of this article.  As you will see, even the staffers of this pageant are pageant-worthy.  🙂

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  1. jp wrote,

    katie is already Miss California to all Bruins. She is a legend in UCLA Dance Team lore.

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