Mark it zero — Ex-trojan Lucas Duda’s wild throw home in the 9th frame costs the Mets the World Series, as the Royals tie it up on Duda’s non-strike, and go on to win Game 5 in 12 innings 7-2, bowling over New York into the gutter 4-1, to become World Champs

Never before has the old adage been any more true:  Trojans burst under pressure.

Tonight, with their backs to the wall,  the New York Mets were ONE OUT away from staving off elimination, when ex-trojan Lucas Duda screwed up and allowed Kansas City to rise from the ashes, in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series.  In the top of the ninth, NY was in the field, up 2-1 with 1 out and a Royal on third base, when the batter hit a grounder to third.  The 3rd Baseman checked the runner, then threw to Duda at first base for the second out.  But the runner, somehow psychically KNOWING that the trojan would FAIL epic-ly, took off for home on the throw to first.  So Duda threw to home for a play at the plate that would have ended the game and sent the Series back to Kansas City with the Mets down only 3-2.  Duda had plenty of time to nail the runner, whom he had dead-to-rights, but his throw was wildly inaccurate, allowing the runner to score easily, tying it up 2-2.

The Royals went on to add 5 runs in the 12th inning, to win 7-2 and start popping champagne bottles all over the Mets’ home stadium.  Duda had two chances to redeem himself after pulling his boner in the 9th, but he flied out in the bottom of the 9th, and struck out swinging in the bottom of the 12th.  Striking out under duress is nothing new to Duda, who earlier in this Postseason set an all-time record for futility, by striking out 11 times in one series.  He ended up striking out a grand total of TWENTY times in this Postseason, to lead the entire League.

Speaking of striking out, that’s what would probably happen if an arrogant trojan tried to hit on any member of the prestigious UCLA Spirit Squad.  And here are 53 more photos of the squad  — plus UCLA baton twirler Michelle, and several Cheer Squad ALUMNI — showcasing their unparalleled beauty and grace.


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    No mention of Kai Forbath’s clutch game-winning kick??