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Fox Faux Pas – Too lazy to look at all the contestants, I failed to notice that Katie has stiff (and familiar) competition for Fox Sports West Girl — UCLA Spirit’s own Kirsten and Maya are also entered, and also deserve your 5-Star Ratings.  By the way, you can go back and rate all three Bruins with 5 Stars EVERY DAY

I am MORTIFIED.  The last thing I would EVER do is disrespect members of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Especially girls that have always gone out of their way to be nice to me, like Kirsten and Maya always have.  When I unashamedly promoted Katie yesterday to get your 5-Star ratings in the Fox Sports West Girl contest, I had NO IDEA that she was running against Kirsten and Maya, or I definitely would have given love to Kirsten and Maya too.

Kirsten and Maya — just like Katie — have been absolute sweethearts to me from Day 1.  Both of them would be ideal choices to win this contest, as they are REAL Sports fans, and they are personable, eloquent, articulate, energetic athletes with unsurpassed dancing skills.  I don’t think the Fox Girls dance, but having that ability shows the dedication and discipline needed to perform a job to perfection.  Honestly, the most important thing to me in a Fox Girl is looks and personality, and both of these girls are 5-Stars all the way, in both categories.

I’m just glad that it’s not a “voting” scenario, where you have to pick one Bruin at the expense of the others.  You can easily give all three girls 5 Stars.  I’m even wondering if we should give all the other girls 1 Star just to drive their averages down…  I don’t think that would be ethical, unless you view their profiles and really think they are “worthy” of only 1 Star.  But I guess as long as you are giving 5 to OUR girls, you can rate the others honestly, assuming that means somewhere between 1 and 4 Stars.

And here’s something else you need to know:  You can rate every girl, every day.  You can go back every single day, and enter ratings again, for as many girls as you want.  In fact, if you have more than one BROWSER, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, AOL, etc., you can go every day, with each browser, and rate again.  So if you have three browsers, you can rate all the girls three times EVERY DAY.

Ok… so now I hope everyone knows that I meant absolutely no disrespect to Kirsten and Maya by supporting only Katie yesterday.  Of course I will always have a special place in my heart for Katie, because she was the VERY FIRST Bruin Cheerleader to embrace me as a sincere, respectable supporter of the squad, and it was her friendship that opened the door for me with Brianna, Michelle, Kristle, Nikki, Savannah, Shannon, and Riana, Tiana, Chantel, Roxanne, Kali, Maya, Kirsten, and everyone else who was no longer suspicious or weary of my repeated presence at various events.

So yes, I adore and have immense gratitude for Katie, but I have lots of love for Kirsten and Maya too, so please support all three as much as you possibly can, and let’s put another gorgeous Bruin on TV.  Thanks.

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