THE BUSH ULTIMATUM: Reggie tries to save his Trophy (and his Rep) by Blackballing the NCAA and YOU, but could get penal-ized for Illegal Motion Control

Painted by Bush-Pirates, “motion-picture” could cost Reggie his statue

No Country For Sold Men:  No-Show Bush could have used a Seat-Filler in Court for his Atonement, as he knows as well as Ju-no, when he Rats out sc, There Will Be Blood

Reggie Bush:  The Man Who Knew Too Much? 

What we have here… is a failure… to communicate.

Ex-trojan Reggie Bush has just released a Blockbuster announcement to the World that, to correct his True Lies, he will divulge some Top Secret information, which will cause severe Collateral Damage to himself and to usc.  Bush was supposed to give a deposition yesterday, in the lawsuit brought against him by Lloyd Lake for repayment of nearly $300,000, but he refused to testify, not even showing up for the proceedings.  Instead, Bush’s Midnight Cowboys from The Firm filed a Motion on his behalf to prevent the NCAA and the Media from gaining access to the testimony after the fact.

Hide in Plain Sight.

What is Reggie Bush hiding?  It sounds like his testimony is going to be severely prejudicial against usc, so Reggie doesn’t want the NCAA to hear his answer to the $264,000 Question.  It’s not that Reggie cares about Figueroa Trade Tech losing a BCS Title and some victories from the Record Books;  It’s that when the NCAA delivers The Verdict and declares The Accused ineligible, the Downtown Athletic Club will reportedly yank the Heisman away from him, and possibly award it to Vince “Forever” Young.  Bush doesn’t want to see the Repo Man at his door, so that’s why he’s trying to block the NCAA.  As for the attempted MEDIA ban, Reggie The Saint has a reputation to worry about, and since he has consistently claimed that he’s done nothing wrong, when he avoids Perjury charges by dropping the hammer on usc’s rampant corruption and his explicit involvement in it, it would destroy his public image — IF it was on the Networks’ Broadcast News.

Die Another Day.

Lloyd Lake and his Mother will testify against Reggie, under oath, on March 10, and soon after that, Liar, Liar will finally spill his guts.  And DESPITE Bush’s new Motion, Lake’s Dream Team of Legal Eagles says that the transcripts will still be e-mailed directly to the NCAA, AND, the Press will have Backstage Passes to The Greatest Show on Earth.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.

Bush’s Motion is unprecedented, because he is trying to use a Right to Privacy argument, TO CONCEAL HIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.  This type of motion is intended to protect people’s Private information like Social Secutiry numbers, NOT to shield Criminals from richly-deserved consequences.  If he wins the Motion, it will be more evidence of trojans re-writing the rules to suit their own needs, at the EXPENSE of Justice;  If he loses, Bush will be Pubic Enemy #1 in trojanland, as his testimony will take down the whole Athletic Program.  Why else would he panic so severely at the last minute, and attempt an illogical legal manuever that might still leave Bush vulnerable to action for missing yesterday’s mandatory appearance?

Dead Man Walking.

So it looks like Mike Garrett can start walking The Green Mile, because there is to be no Shawshank Redemption before the imminent Death Penalty.  The first yard will be The Longest Yard for Garrett, because Pete Carroll is bound to pull a Caine Mutiny and jump ship, while blaming Garrett for any and all transgressions that come to light during Old Yellowstain’s deposition.

And Justice For All.

It will be a Dog Day Afternoon for TROY when that damning testimony hits The Front Page.  They will go straight into denial, but soon they will Cast Away Bush, asserting that Spurtacus should have fallen on his short sword.  So far, he is following in ex-trojan Mark McGwire’s footsteps, by not saying ANYTHING, but Bush won’t be able to slink away from the Public Eye like McGwire did.  Bush will ultimately be forced to testify, and he is going to TAKE THE TROJANS DOWN.  And according to Lake’s lawyers, YOU will see every word.

Happily Ever After.

The trojan “trophy Program” is about to “a-trophy.”

Certainly a potential Heisman-caliber “trophy wife,” even without the statuette

Angels in the Outfield

When it comes to trophies, Size Matters

And the Award for Best Impression of Goldie Hawn from “Laugh-In”  goes to…

We’d like to win an Award one day, but our chances are SLIM & NUN.


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